Thursday, April 4, 2013

Am I the only one seeking solace?

A brief thought. Something to ponder....

Am I the only one?
Am I the only one who gets these urges?

I am having a bad day.  A bad week, a bad month... Things aren't going my, home and life in general are leaning south. 

We have all been there, stress-filled days with no end in sight. 
The trick of course as any professional will tell you is to find an outlet, a release a manner to defuse the angst.

I know of others who deal with life by reaching for a glass a wine, a beer bottle or a milder outlet such as chocolate.  Then there are those who reach for a healthier alternative such as exercise.

Do you know what I crave at times like this?

I get an uncontrollable urge to put a naughty young lady over my lap, flip up her skirt, warm her pantie clad ass and then bare her bottom for an onslaught of open palm spanking.

Not random nor unwarranted. A well deserved spanking mind you. Fully justified. 

However, I will admit that it just takes the most minor of infraction to set me off. The littlest of things to send me on my mission to seek solace as I spank sense into a pretty bottom.

The whole process; from all the physical movements, the struggle, the kicking, to all the sounds, the echoing sound of palm on flesh, the protesting, the whimpering...all of it soothes me just thinking about it.

I can't be the only one who gets this uncontrollable urge am I?
Someone tell me I am not alone.

It is supposed to hurt young lady. It is called punishment for a reason.


Njspank said...

You are not alone.....feeling that way right now!

Enzo said...

Thanks for the affirmation - feeling a lot like this lately.

April said...

I really enjoy your writing.

Enzo said...

Thanks for the compliment April. I appreciate the feedback! Let me know you favorite stories.

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling only to well! but I enjoy being on the receiving end.

Enzo said...

Thanks for dropping by Anonymous Friend.
Additional details on your search for solace would be most welcome!

Layla Jayne said...

When I feel this way, I want to BE spanked.


Enzo said...

Thanks for dropping by and sharing Layla.
So what actions do you take in order to find solace?

BTW, where are you visiting from?

April said...

I'm the spankee.. I want to be spanked when my emotions get all out of whack which in turn causes a bad day.. Let me rephrase that.. its a "need" not a "want"

Enzo said...

Thanks for stopping by again April.

I fully understand that it is a "need". I feel the same way - I "need" to spank some sense into a young lady; get her back on track via using her bottom to send a hard and clear message.

So how do get your need met? Do you push someone until you are spanked...what do you do?

April said...

I do push alllllll those buttons at once.. most of the time I'm just scolded though cause he "doesn't wanna hurt me"

Enzo said...

Well April sounds like he is in need of a visual aid.

Would love to talk to you more about. Email me.

April said...

Don't know your have mine tho

Enzo said...

April -
I don't have yours. Your profile is blocked and comments come in blocked because of that.

My address is in my profile.
Email me directly.

Anonymous said...

Those tiny shorts make my hand itc to put the young lady across my knee