Thursday, March 14, 2013

Daylight Savings Time

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"I don't wannna go!!!"
She stood there simultaneously pouting and biting her nails in an awkward stand off with her supervisor.

"Excuse me? I don't think that was an option." her normally easy going supervisor was genuinely confused as he stared at his twenty-something designer in disbelief of her immature reaction.

"Can't I just make up the time later this month or you deal with me?" she offered up an alternative as she simultaneously attempted to walk around her (up until this morning) all-time favorite manager to get to her desk. 

"Honestly Jess I neither have the time to deal with you this morning nor the patience..." He folded his arms and spread his legs to make himself wide in the doorway blocking her passage to the open office area.

"Butt...butt..." her mind scrambled for some rational negotiation, but he didn't look like he was interested in hearing anything. 

"Go down there NOW before I get  upset." he pointed towards the hallway door. "It is not like this is the first time you were ever late."

He was right about that and had been more than fair in the all too many past instances. She turned around, stopped and took a deep breath.

"NOW!" he demanded and reenforced the order with a solid full palm spank on her plump rear.

"Oh!" was her startled response as she glanced over her shoulder, hiding her subtle coy smile and then made haste towards downstairs to the Human Resources Department and to the office of Ms. Knudson.

Ms. Knudson was a very tall and very stern, athletic forty-something New Zealand transplant who seemed to love scolding and reprimanding the young female hires, in particular those in the design department. They in turn, hated it and dreaded the secretly nick-named "Amazon's" office at the end of the long hallway, her long lectures and her so-called young executive training methods.

Jess was met by one of Ms. Knudson's typical and intentionally offensive greetings just outside her office "Well, well, well; look what pussy dragged herself in." 

Jess grimaced and knew that the supposedly incorrect lost in translation saying was fully intentional to get a rise out of her. 

"Hmmm...That is the saying is it not? I never seem to get those American saying down right. Late again Jessica...hmm how typical." 

"I was sent down because I was late again, but honestly it is not my fault. I totally forgot about daylight savings time. I hate mornings, early mornings especially, don't you? And besides I've never understood daylight savings time anyways. Do you? Do you even have that in New Zealand? So I was running a little bit late and then my boyfriend made me later and then the bus.....ahhhhh!"

Ms. Knudson grabbed Jess by the nape of her neck and slammed the young petite employee chest first against the wall.

"So we had a little morning quickie did we? Is that why you are late?" she leaned in against the young employee and breathed in taking in the scent of fresh wet hair.

"No!!...Is that even an appropriate question?... I wasn't feeling well last night. I still don't. That was the main reason I overslept." Jess protested.

"Hmm..sick...Well I can send you across town to the doctor's office to have them confirm if you are sick or faking it, but that would most likely take all day and if you are not feeling well that would just be a wasted day. A waste of company money. We wouldn't want that now would we?" She explained as she moved one hand to Jess's lower back while keeping the other hand on her neck.

"No. I guess not." Jess answered uncertain if there was any correct answer.

"No I think it best for all involved and in the best interest of company costs, that I deal with the matter of confirming your story myself. Don't you?"

With that the Human Resources Director forcibly yanked down Jess's flowery spring skirt in a single tug, snapping the solitary button in the process. The thin material fell onto the carpeted floor of the deserted hallway like a wounded dove. Jess let out a gasp and then gulped as she felt the thin waistband of her white sheer panties being pulled back to full stretch. Looking over her shoulder Jess could see Ms. Knudson taking in the view. She then felt her panties being unceremoniously wrenched down upon themselves until at mid-thigh. Jess's face flushed with embarrassment as her bottom was now fully exposed and the sudden exposure to the freezing air conditioning caused instant goose bumps to her entire pale rear-end.

"Now let us see what is the best course of action is for little liars."

"I am not lying!" Jess protested and pushed herself away from the wall only to be stopped by a cold hand on her naked bottom.

"Hush! As far as I am concerned this is long overdue and trust me I won't be soft on you like your manager. Shall we begin by confirming fake illness and then move on to necessary discipline?"

Jess felt the feminine hand caress her bottom, seemingly sizing it up, and then the manicured fingernails moved down her bare bottom in a spidery walk. Once they reached the bottom of her cheeks the true size of the amazonian fingers became suddenly obvious to Jess; a large finger spread her soft cheeks apart on a determined exploratory probing mission.

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