Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Fair Winds and Following Seas

I’ve been away and came back to see, amongst other things, the unexpected sad news about Devlin O’Neill.

I’m a bit tongue tied and don’t have much to add
at the moment besides the obvious yet unfortunately belated sentiments. 


If you followed his blog closely you might remember that whenever he did his yearly travel North he referenced the following song before the start of that journey. So it seems rather appropriate to play it once more for his journey to his next duty station.


Here’s to you Devlin.

I learned quite a few things from you and truly appreciated your courtesy throughout the years. 

A salute to you. 

Fair Winds and Following Seas
Semper paratus, Sir 





  1. His departure was a real shock. He'll be missed.


  2. Hello Enzo, thank you for that lovely tribute to Dev, such an awful shock for many, he just wanted to carry on as normal for as long as possible, he made sure to finish the last story before the blog closes.

    1. Jenny - Thank you for commenting and sharing that.

  3. Hi! Enzo, I was finally able to find you via Dr. Ken's blog. I saw I said Dev was able to finish the final chapter in his last book, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. Still so sad. Bye for now, Jenny.


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