Thursday, March 11, 2021

March Questions: The Unofficial Revival

It has been a bit of an effort to come back to blogging, honestly.

There are the obvious reasons from the external forces of the ongoing state of the world, although there does seems to finally be light at the end of that tunnel, to the personal reasons from the last few months some of which I have shared. I realize it has been two months since I last posted and unlike other times, this has actually felt like it has been that long.

I have missed blogging and story telling, but besides the obvious time constraints that always hold me back, it is the lack of interaction that further deters me. It has been said by many of my fellow bloggers that it is best to simply focus on ‘writing for yourself’ without expectation, but we all crave connections which in this medium is demonstrated through comments.

I have recently considered changing the format a bit of this blog to more of strict journal type entries, but I have never been really “good” at that nor do I think that format is very exciting for others to read. Although the rare exception is Cutie Bootie who does a really good job with the diary format on her blog

Any possible format change here has yet to be determined.

In the meanwhile since coincidentally it is March, I was reminded of a previous event that used to take place in these parts of the Blogosphere.

March had been officially known as “Ask Me Anything Month”. It was a favorite of mine, but it seems to have not resurfaced these past few years. I find this odd as it had a rather enthusiastic participation previously. I don’t recall who officially hosted the festivities otherwise I would have tagged them here and or visited there and asked.

Nevertheless, to my fellow bloggers:
I invite you to join me in this Unofficial Edition of Ask Me Anything Month by posting on your own blogs an open invitation to answer your readers' questions. Yet, another opportunity for interaction.

To the readers and lurkers here:
Have you found yourself up late at night wondering about the mysteries of the universe? Who built Stonehenge and why?  Ever wondered why the USAF officially acknowledged UFOs, but no one seemed to notice or care? Ever questioned why the desert at night feels colder than a night in the woods on a mountaintop? Or perhaps your questions are simpler as in who is actually buried in Grant's Tomb?

Never wondered about any of that?


Are you sure?

Or rather have you simply been curious about the author of this inquisitive blog; curious about this man whose been graced by the opportunities to spank some precious bottoms and yet one of his underlying failed goals includes attempting to understand the female species?

Ever been intrigued as to the inspirations behind my stories?
Ever wondered about anything in a story that was not answered? Who are these girls, where are they now and do they know their stories have been shared here? Or perhaps your wonderment is simpler, as in what my favorite type of panties on a girl are, favorite color and or pattern?

If so, here is your chance to ask. You might be surprised by the answers I do have and not so much by the ones I don't have.

Or perhaps there are no questions. That is fine as well. If that is the case simply say hello. And even better than a simple greeting is one followed by the answer to what you enjoy about this place that brings you back.

I am open to answering most questions so go ahead and ask away. I will do my best to answer your inquiries and if there is more than one or two, I will answer them in one future summary post.


  1. Hi, on the topic of interactive blogging, recently Morningstar and KDpierre have had some breakthrough with that. I think a lot of it has to do with visiting other people's blogs and leaving comments there as well. I often find that when I make the rounds and leave a comment the bloggers usually reciprocate and come over to leave their thoughts on my posts too.

    Perhaps that is something you could do in order to get the ball rolling. Answering any comments left on your post is also a good way to keep the communication going - which I know you already do - cos when I come back to your blog I always see that you have replied to my comment.

  2. Hi Fondles - I do notice that after I do the rounds that the comments are often reciprocated. I'll still have to look into what Morningstar and KDpierre did.

    Perhaps my post wasn't clear in that I was especially wondering about comments from non-bloggers. I used to have quite a few of those visitors, but not so much in the past year. I realize the irony of this statement as I have not posted in the past 2 months. haha

    Regardless, I still think the “Ask Me Anything Month” is a good idea for fellow bloggers.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting often - always appreciated!

  3. Hi! Enzo, i have only one question, do you think the first Endart cartoon picture could be of Devlin O'Neill?? i do. The comment below from you regarding being polite is what Dev says too, must be a Toppy thing. Oh and hello too. Bye for now, Jenny, Adelaide South Australia.

    1. Hi Jenny - It very well may be. I do know Endart made illustrations based on and inspired by real people including some famous in the spanking movie scene.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hey, Enzo! I'm totally with you that blogging can take a lot out of you. I'm really bad about commenting on others' blogs, but you're right that comments are frequently returned in kind.

    I really don't have a question, but I just wanted you to know that I'd never seen that Endart cartoon before, and Jenny's right -- that looks exactly like something I'd do. Take care of yourself, buddy. The awfulness can't last forever.


    1. Hi Dev - Great to see you here! Thanks for stopping by and especially for commenting!

      My guess on why this Endart piece is rarely posted is probably due to that it depicts post-spanking aftercare which (in general) is something glossed over in most scene related images.

  5. Re March Questions - I shall leave this request on blogfriends' blogs - and perhaps I'll compile the answers...

    Would you name 3 implements that are employed regularly (besides the hand) on your (or your spankee's) behind and rank them in order of preference pls :)


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