Thursday, April 16, 2020

Random Thoughts: Almost Entirely OT

Do you know what day it is?
No, I mean that in its true sense; no hidden surprise answer.

Even though I am still working from home per my regular schedule, I tend to lose track of what actual day it is for the most part. It is a very bizarre feeling. Waking up in a haze knowing it a weekday, but which day exactly - that is very unclear.

Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed; this is going to be an Off Topic (OT) Post, so if you came for the usual fair feel free to skip over this entry unless you are bored and want to hear some brief random thoughts.

With that warning, here we go:

1) I haven’t hopped around the blog community much since my last check in, but from a quick glance it seems like the regulars are all posting at least which is an ongoing good sign. Plus a few return postings from some long silent bloggers*.

2) I hope you are all continuing to stay healthy and are being mindful and safe when you venture out due to necessity (and not out of a need to hike some mountain you never heard of prior to last month as so many people are apparently doing).

As far as yours truly, well let's see what is interesting enough to share and print?

3) I have been trying to keep in contact with some girls I was seeing, but not much traction there. As I mentioned before it is either due to their overall lost interest based on the fact that we don’t share the same interests (Which interest? You know, those OTK interests you might be familiar with) or that they don’t see the point of this extremely limited non-contact interaction due to the plague. So basically me at the moment:

4) On a positive note, I finally got my “deployment orders” to help. If you know me, you know I don’t do well sitting around as the world burns. As I've mentioned in the past with other emergency events,
I need to be out there helping. I’m not a doctor or nurse so obviously I wasn’t on the front lines, but our City just like most other cities has been hit hard economically with this whole shutdown. So I volunteered to help weeks ago and just got the call recently to help. I got orders to do traffic control for the Food Bank. This may not sound like much, but apparently that need peeked recently as well, as the lines stretched for blocks and blocks and blocks and hours upon hours. It was good to be helpful even in a little way. I’ll be returning again for the foreseeable future.

5) * I’ll leave you with a little laugh and shout out to Nik Zula who as I mentioned above is one of the bloggers / artists who seems to be posting again. He was quiet for what seemed like over six months and it is great to see him back. I’m a fan of his art overall (although some of his discipline could be depicted firmer in my opinion) and hope you enjoy this timely piece. Anyone who can find humor, and pull it off well, in these times should get an award in my book.

What Do You Think:
Do you agree with his method?

Do you think she should be questioning his method?

Until next time, stay safe, stay home (unless you absolutely need to go out) and most importantly
stay strong. Focus on the future, because we will get through this and don’t forget to pray for everyone, especially the ones on the front lines.


  1. My husband offered to take my tempature today and well it made me think of you stories and the fact that I haven't been checking on all my favorite blogs lately. I guess I could use the distraction. Any distraction. Spanking or not.

    We're staying home. I'm going to work twice a week for a few hours, while only one other person is there to limit my exposure. My husband is doing the grocery shopping. So well... Staying home with no motivation to do any chores is usually not my ideal day off. I prefer to take my kids out for some fun and well we can't.

    It's good that you have found a way to volunteer. Traffic guard sounds like you get to keep your distance too.

    On the dating scene, I've read a lot about introducing your partner to this kink. Can you try the occasional swat and see how she reacts. Or can you put on your Dom during normal interactions and when the relationship starts, explain you believe in certain roles/rules?

    Neither of those would send me running. At least not now. I don't know if I would have found it shocking, fifteen years ago. But kink is so much fun. If the girls won't come around, they are missing out on so much.

    I guess I've finally come out of my own closet. My husband has picked up spanking at least for foreplay if not actual discipline. I feel like everyone should have an open mind. There are so many day to day conversations, where I'm thinking "maybe she deserves a spanking." I'm not ready to come out to others, so I don't mention it while I think it.

    But I don't know. My cousins girlfriend spent over $800 on one grocery trip. It sounds like maybe he should lay down some rules.

    I know a couple that is getting married and I don't know, I sort of think a nice hair brush and letter explaining what it can be used for could help them stay married for a long time. But again, probably not an appropriate wedding gift.


  2. I put my hand up as a volunteer too and all I got do was a couple of letter drops (mail shots). I suppose it reflects the amount of people who where willing to volunteer, which is good when you think about it.


  3. Prefectdt -
    Good for you for stepping up! Everything helps is the way I see it. And yes, the good news in all of this is that so many people are willing to help.

    The people who run the Food Bank here said they were worried they weren’t going to have enough volunteers, but they ended up being flooded with people wanting to help that they are now covered for weeks ahead.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Heather -
    I was wondering if you were still reading here. Feel free to keep in touch via email. To touch on a few of your comments:

    Although it can be tiring, I do believe staying home for the time being is the best defense at the moment. At least you get to go to work for a few hours to break up the endless days.

    Regarding dating, yes, I have done the things you suggested and been very straight forward. In brief there are a lot of girls who have been in abusive relationships where what I am proposing is just triggering to them. Yeah the whole dating scene my be whole blog posts in of themselves, but who wants to read that stuff.

    Your cousin’s girlfriend definitely needs some rules. Things like that is exactly what earned my ex-girl a sore bottom.

    Nice to hear from you again!

  4. It's fantastic that you got "called up" to help. I'm sure every little bit counts. And hey, hungry people at food banks - a traffic control sounds like a dangerous job given those circumstances!

    I enjoyed the pic but I wish "catched" had been written "caught". Sorry, occupational hazard. Yes. I'm also an English teacher.

  5. Hi Fondles - LOL We actually thought we would have more issues, but after a few weeks now we have fortunately only had one aggressive "customer" who was threatening others.

    And nice catch (pun intended) on the cartoon! In the artist's defense, I am almost certain English is not his first language.



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