Tuesday, March 26, 2019

March Questions: The Unofficial Edition

So here we on the tail end of March; at the end of Winter. Apparently we are now officially in Spring. Not that it feels like it around here or around most of the US of A for that matter. Blustery and cold in most places. I am usually a fan of the transitions between seasons, but not feeling that energy; at least not yet. It has been clearly absent. What I am feeling is a prolonged heaviness weighing everything down…but enough of that.



March had been officially Ask Me Anything Month in this little corner of the blogosphere, but it seems to have not resurfaced this year. I find this odd as last year seemed to have a rather enthusiastic participation. Unless I am not recalling correctly. I can't remember who hosted the festivities otherwise I would have tagged them here and or visited there and asked.

Nevertheless, fellow bloggers, I invite you to join me in this Unofficial Edition of Ask Me Anything by posting on your blogs. Or if you know of official event details I missed, please point me in the right direction.

To the readers and lurkers here:
Have you found yourself up late at night wondering about time and space, and how to escape a black hole?
Because apparently you can. Ever wondered what it is like to swallow four raw eggs out of a pint glass for breakfast? Health benefit or salmonella risk? Ever questioned why the desert at night feels colder than a night in the woods on a mountaintop?

No? Never wondered about any of that?


Are you sure? 

Or rather have you simply been curious about the author of this inquisitive blog; curious about this man whose many underlying failed goals include attempting to understand the female species? Ever been intrigued as to the inspirations behind the stories? Who are they, who were they and do they know? Ever wondered about my favorite type of panties on a girl are? Favorite color? Ever wondered about anything in a story that was not answered? What happened to or where are they now?

If so, here is your chance to ask. You might be surprised by the answers I do have and not so much by the ones I don't have.

Or perhaps there are no questions and no curiosity the moment. That is fine as well. If so, say hello. And even better than a simple greeting is one followed by the answer to what you enjoy about this place that brings you back.

I am open to answering most questions so go ahead and ask away. I will do my best to answer your inquiries and if there is more than one, I will answer them in one future summary post.

Just a fair warning, Ladies. Remember to always be polite or else.


  1. I like reading here cos i never know what im going to find. And the poctures you share are sometimes just as-they-are and sometimes gives me something to think about. But that could be just cos i happen to be in that sort of mood.

    I also like your blog cos we dont have a lot of male doms writing, and its nice to get that perspective. I sometimes feel that doms who write do so only for the purpose of “teaching” other doms or *gasp* other subs. I dont particularly fancy those. So keep on writing and sharing. And thank you for sharing :)

  2. Hi Fondles -
    Thanks for stopping by often and commenting. Appreciate it.

    As far as the male perspective, I agree that it seems to be lacking overall comparatively in this blogosphere. Not sure why. As far as what I share and my perspective; I just try to speak to my experiences. I am glad you like what you read here. That's the goal.


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