Monday, May 7, 2018

Monday Morning Maintenace

Another Monday already.


mon•day noun
: The second day of the week, Monday, commonly observed as the first day of the work week by most Americans. Also considered a bad day by a good portion of those Americans.

main•te•nance noun
: The care and servicing, for the purpose of maintaining a young lady in satisfactory emotional condition, via a systematic inspection, detection, and correction of incipient failures either before they occur or before they develop into major defects.
 - author: Enzo Man


"Did I not make myself clear?
Now go clean yourself up and get changed. Lucky for you, I don't want to be late otherwise, I would've really lit your ass on fire."

"Yyy-ou ddid. Bbuh-ut..." she mumbled.

"But what?"

"Bbuh-ut wah? Whiii-e, why did you spank me?! I thought you...that you, you would like these..." she pouted out her explanation.

"These? THESE are NOT the ones I left out for you! Take these skimpy things off. Go put on the panties I clearly left out for."

"But I don't like those; those are so small; they don't fi..."

"That is part of the point. Today, all day, while they will be squeezing your ass tightly, keeping the spanking heat in; while you squirm in failed attempts to sit comfortably in the baking hot car seat with your extra warmed-up ass while driving all around town doing your sales calls, especially while sitting on the hard unforgiving wooden chairs at the coffee shop, and even while you are walking down the aisle at the grocery store tempted to rub some comfort on your bottom....all day, they will be doing their job."

"Bbuh-ut, I didn't do anything wrong this morning!" she daringly interrupted, biting her lip and kicking her bare feet in frustration.

"Your premise is wrong. This spanking, plus wearing the panties I left out for you, are preventative maintenance tools. A reminder for this entire week. A reminder to think twice. A reminder that if your ass is not enjoying sitting today, imagine what it will feel like next time you actually earn a spanking. 

So be a good girl and stop wasting my time.

Go get them on. Right now!

Before I go; I want to see you squeezing your tender, ripe ass into those snug, sheer white punishment panties!"



Who needs their Monday Morning Maintenance?

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