Monday, April 16, 2018

Random Thoughts: Superficial Women

I tell stories. To be more accurate I write and share stories here. I share stories with the purpose of entertaining you dear reader. I do not write sci-fi or fantastical stories (although I have written one or two with fantasy elements on occasions). In general, I write stories that can, have, and do take place in a world most of us inhabit; in a seemingly ordinary world full of exceptional circumstances that occur to everyday people. The characters I write about tend to have lives and backgrounds and emotions. Well a least hinted at if nothing more, is my aim…

“Enzo, what are you rambling on about?” you may be asking.

Well, I will get to the point.

On social media I came across this thread about female characters written by males. More precisely, male authors failing to write adequately about female characters and ultimately creating superficial female characters lacking depth.

You can read more about the thread in this article here:

I used to peruse a lot of stories on erotic forums. I say peruse because I could never get past a lot of the bad writing. Mind you I am not saying I am a good writer. What I am saying is that a lot of bad “writers” seem to congregate on these story forums.

I would more often than not click away the moment the main female character was introduced – described immediately by her bra size. I kid you not. If you are familiar with the stories I am referring to, I am sure this comes as no surprise.

So it is not so much that I am bad at judging women’s bra sizes [which, unfortunately, has often led to my demise when giving gifts] and therefore unable to form the correct visual, but that reading that description in the first sentence automatically gives me a pretty clear indication of the tone of the overall story to come. Because of these types of stories, I have always been mindful of how I write my stories.

When I came across this social media thread, I began to wonder; am I just as guilty? Do I describe the female characters in my stories just as poorly as those referenced?

"I don't know; Enzo always focuses on my eyes.
I mean where else would he be looking?"

Do I spend more attention and time describing the character’s physical attributes rather than the action taking place in the story? Are my female characters lacking any depth?

I like to believe they are not, but who am I to judge? Therefore, I ask you Dear Readers, in particular the Ladies, do my stories fail just as bad as the other writers being criticized?

Or does it even matter to you? Are my stories excused because of the overall erotic themes and the expectations of these types of themed stories?

Would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. I've never found your stories to be offensive and learning a female's bra size in the first line of a story (actually in any part of a story) wouldn't want me to read further either.

  2. I don't think you spend time describing the women in your stories as sex objects or by their sexual attributes. If you have described the shape of her breast or behind, it didn't stand out or offend me.

    I occasionally think the character is a bit of an airhead. I don't always think a normal person would do some of the things your characters decide to do. But I suppose if they paid more attention, it wouldn't be so easy to spank them.


  3. Thanks Sunny - Always appreciate your feedback!
    And glad to hear I am not alone in thinking that.

    Heather - Thanks for your support.
    As far as the characters being “airheads”, well you get it - that just makes it so much easier to justify their spankings, right?
    But I will say that not all my characters are the same as quite a few deserve and receive spankings for their attitudes.


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