Saturday, February 18, 2017

Quiz Results

Everyone put down your pencils and turn your quizzes over. I’ll walk around and collect them now.

So do you remember that over three weeks ago I presented a "Pop Quiz" during a special session of the E.M. Academy of Continuing Education for Wayward Adult Girls (and Military Training Academy of Young Men)? If not, you can refresh your memory here.

Did you vote in that special Poll (aka Pop Quiz)? And more importantly, were you surprised by the overall voter turnout? I was. Coincidentally those polls are now closed, but you can still see the results if you head over to the above mentioned link.

Just in case you have never voted in one of my polls, you may not know that as soon as you cast your vote the box refreshes. When it refreshes you are shown the poll results with the number of votes each item received. Which if you are naturally curious like me, this is always interesting.

As is the nature of my polls they are anonymous which in turn makes analyzing the results somewhat difficult if you are trying to dig deep for answers. Additionally on this particular quiz I left the option open for multiple answers (which I normally don’t do) so it is even harder to gauge the amount of people who actually voted. Was it 58 people voting once or only 29 people with 2 choices each? Can you follow that?

Similar to the Democratic process, these anonymous polls are meant to aid you in sharing your honest opinion via casting a vote. However, if you believe in voter fraud then these polls are worthless and you can skip the rest of this post now.

On the other hand, if you are like me and don’t believe that any “illegal” votes were cast in this poll, well then keep reading. 

Reminder, this was basically a one question Quiz with multiple choice answers:

I enjoy reading stories about a delicious, warm spanking with a side of _________ .

In all seriousness let’s review the results.
First of all, let’s start with a mutually agreed upon caveat, that we are taking all these results at face value. Therefore, what do I make of the results? Were they what I expected?

Actually there were quite a few surprises for me.


Let’s start with the “Ladies” poll.


Perhaps to no ones surprise, and as I had predicted out loud (to myself), Domestic Discipline was the overwhelming number one choice for the ladies. An all-time favorite and true classic. Were you surprised?

However, what did surprise me in the Ladies vote was Corner Time. I was not expecting that to score so high on the list. I would have thought the ladies would consider this little embarrassing exercise pointless as there is no physical touch at this point. Anyone care to elaborate on why they and others voted for this?


Moving over to the “Gentleman’s” poll.


Non-Consensual Spanking was the number one choice for the Gents. This was also my predication as I think this is a very common fantasy for most men in these circles. Were you surprised?

What did surprise in the Gents category was where Anal scored. I was genuinely expecting that to rank higher and come in solid at second place. Am I the only one who thinks there are few things better than delivering a hot order of Spanking with a spicy chaser of Anal? Apparently the Ladies are (cough, cough) more open to this recipe than the Gents according to the polls. Anyone care to elaborate on why this didn’t score as I predicted or Ladies care to share?


Overall Poll Results observations:

My surprise was how few votes 5 Marked Territory & 8 Wetting Accidents received. Really? No one else? Apparently that is just my demented mind and wild tastes.

Anyone care to share any overall thoughts?

I hope you enjoy reviewing the results and comparing where your tastes match up with other readers here.


That’s it for now; enjoy the extended weekends students.
That is except for you Young Lady. Yes you, I warned you and told you when we were starting this quiz that you had earned yourself detention.

Don’t give me that look!

You know what, why don’t you come up here now!
Stand here by my side while the rest of the class packs up.
We will be reviewing your answers and your attitude closely in just a few minutes.

No don’t worry, once everyone is gone I will close the door.

No, no no. Of course not. I plan to leave those blinds up as I do love the afternoon sun shining through and lighting up the room. It just casts such a lovely light on everything, don’t you agree? Doesn’t matter, you’ll be facing away from the window and the light.

The rest of you, I said, class dismissed!
No loitering!
Go on, nothing to see around here.



As for you Young Lady, shall we begin?

Bend over my desk and lift that dress.


  1. Enzo,

    I didn't vote for corner time, but I expect the appeal is his dominance. Nothing is being forced. It's a way for a woman to show her consent, trust and submissivness to her partner.

    I'm a little surprised how much the men like giving spankings, but I guess they wouldn't be here without that particular taste.

    I worry that spanking is something I have "forced" my husband to do. He'll use it as a prelude to sex because he knows it will work, but I always worry it is not something he would choose to do on his own. So this poll goes against my worries.


  2. Heather -

    I would have to agree with your thoughts On Corner Time being all about showing her submissiveness, which makes sense, but I still did not think it would rank so high. I though the "humiliation" factor might outweigh.

    Yes, these polls are biased based towards a like-minded audience. If readers didn’t enjoy spankings they wouldn’t be here.

    Perhaps he never knew it was an option before, and know that you have told him about it, it is. Hopefully, he just becomes more assertive choosing it not just as a prelude.

    Thanks again for sharing; appreciate it.



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