Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Was the last post too heavy for you dear readers? I am guessing it might have been and therefore I bring you some lighter fare today. Please join me for some quick Random Thoughts today.  

Light Fare Item 1:
Fried Blog Comments
So I continue to have an issue with Blogger not sending me follow up comment notifications. When I comment on other blogs I don’t know if anyone has responded further without going back to the original blog post. Although this may not seem like a big deal, it is just rather inconvenient having to remember which specific posts I commented on. The feature used to work. I simply would like to know if/when follow-up responses happen in order to carry on the conversation.
Anyone else experiencing this? Or better yet, anyone have a solution for this? 

Light Fare Item 2:
Mixed Tumbler Salad
Not sure how many of you visit Tumblr, but when I do I can often get lost in the forest that it is. Click from one Tumblr to another, to a comment under a post, taking you to another Tumblr taking you to yet another Tumblr with the source image… I can easily forget where I started and where saved images came from.
Such is the case with he following image:


Featured Appetizer:
Delectable Encased Rump

I found this image on a Tumblr and wish I could remember where it originated from. That adorable young lady in the picture is the Tumblr author and she added additional comments to her picture regarding her assets that had me laughing. Basically her Snapchat comment sums it up nicely, but her followup comments were added laughs. She just looks so damn cute in her predicament that I just want to go up to her and spank her worries away.

Perhaps stating the obvious, but I love that image, I love the pinupesque feel of it all. It is sexy, fun and overall lighthearted; which is the perfect recipe for what I need at the moment. On my list of things I love, Young Ladies in Tights/Hose is definitely up there near the top of the list. Torn hose - the icing on the cake. Torn hose on their pert bottoms, truly delectable. 


So tell me dear readers –

Ladies: Have you ever done something like the doll above, accidentally ripped your tights/hose when putting them on? Ripped due to trying to capture and encase your ample bottom?

Gentleman: How interested, exciting do you find women in tights/pantyhose?
I am guessing yes based on the search word results of this Blog, but nevertheless let me know.

Polls are now open as are the comments.


  1. Lol. So I'm afraid I might be a bit too practical...It is highly unlikely her bum did that.

    I would find it a bit more funny if the quote would have been "I hate when that happens" or "Buns of steel?"...something along those lines.

    However, she is pleasing to the eye, so... ;)

  2. Hi Misty - LOL.
    I should know better than to believe everything I read...
    So not having first-hand knowledge of how tights work, are you saying wearing a size or two too small tights stretched wouldn't cause that laddering?

    I'm glad you at least agree she is pleasing to the eye and thus my distraction.

    Thanks for commenting.

  3. You know, I did think of that, and it's possible (especially with cheap ones), but those things are meant to stretch and I've only had them rip via fingernail or snagging on something. Just by going off what I see in the pic, they are not too small for her.

    I don't think the quote was meant to be the main focus, so the distraction is justifiable. Lol

  4. I agree that the quote was not meant as the main focus, but her choice of words was definitely icing.

    So she must have ripped them on purpose...hmm...perhaps a more justifiable reason for a spanking.

  5. I have never ripped them in that area. Usually they get snagged somewhere in the leg area. But then again, my job doesn't require these so I only wear then once a year or so. I have recently switched to thigh highs for the easy of access to other parts.


  6. Hi Heather -
    Always nice to hear from you!
    Ahh thigh highs - a favorite of most men.
    Although, I have noticed a definite love ‘em or hate ‘em camp from women when it comes to thigh highs.

  7. Enzo,

    I have to get the kind with the silicone lining at the top to hold them up. I would love to use a garter but I haven't found one that works. I can't get it to latch on in the first place, they don't go high enough and they seem to require different lengths while sitting vs standing. So while the true kind would be super sexy, I can understand the hate.


  8. Heather,

    Interesting; the women who I know who hate thigh highs have primarily complained about the silicone lining digging into their skin too deep.

    The girls I know who do wear garterbelts often (more than just for special occasions)recommend the Hanky Panky brand at Nordstrom if you are interested.

    Thanks for sharing. Appreciate it!


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