Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Do You? Do you Facebook?

Do you?
Do you use Facebook?
Be honest.

Do you post, do you chat and
do you share?
Or shall I say do you over-share?

Well, do you?

OK, I’ll be honest, I try to use Facebook. I really do, but it is often just not worth the energy. Not that it is hard to use in a technical sense. It is the social aspect on so many levels that is energy-sucking. The superficiality, the ignorance, the seemingly perfect, happy lives portrayed and displayed for all to see, especially when you know the opposite is true. And don’t get me started on the constant pictures of people’s meals.

However this is not meant as a rant, but rather a question. If you Facebook you might be familiar with a guy named Bill. Not your cousin Bill nor your ex named Bill or your old coworker named Bill who you remain friends with on Facebook although you two haven't spokenin person in years; and not even your old Spanish teacher from college named Bill (who always happens to creepishly "like" all your selfies). No this is not one of your 250 plus "friends". Rather, I am talking about this stick figure guy who, along with his very judgmental crew, have been described as the passive-aggressive P.S.A. spokesperson for bad social media/life etiquette.

Here are a few examples, using my friends’ names and Bill's friend as the stand in. Amazingly they all seem rather accurate (or is that counter-accurate)?:

And a personal favorite:

And yes in case you are wondering, coincidentally,
I honestly
do have multiple friends all named Ashlee
There is: Ashlee, Ashley, Ashley and Ashleigh).

If you are not familiar with and want to learn more about Bill and his very judgmental crew there is a good brief article about them here.

In simple terms it is just another internet meme and the premise is that you enter your name and behold the amazing results. Somehow "magically" it knows your personality and creates the perfect meme all about you!

Spoiler - you can keep trying until you get one you like. You can go to the official meme creator found here or simply just wait until it shows up on your Facebook feed (if it hasn't already).

Of course I tried it and I have to admit that it seemed to get this one about me right:

Oh in case you are new here and don’t know me,
and/or didn’t recognize the players right away,
that “football” reference is to soccer.

And then there is this accurate and good advise for the gentlemen out there:


All this had me thinking, if I could create my own “Be like…” advice meme, what would it say about me and my world.

I came up with this:

All this leads me to my question of the day.
If you could write your own “Be like…” advice meme, what would yours be?
Come on don't be shy.
Remember Facebook was not made for the shy,
nor the humble. 


Oh, and what does that first selfie picture in this post have to do with anything, you ask?
Well that is my guilty pleasure. As much as the selfie-habit can be annoying on so many levels, there are times I can just sit back and scroll...looking at picture after picture, after glorious semi-naked picture; enjoying the endless views.

PS. Click on the pictures to enlarge.


  1. Ummm....hate to be greedy, but it is February 11. That's eleven days into the month and still no new stories, or thoughts, or anything. So what's up?

    Seriously, I just discovered your site a couple of months ago, and absolutely love it. Your stories are so .....well, let's just say I usually need a cold shower when I've finished reading.

  2. Hi Anonymous -

    To answer your questions; a lot has been going on in my non-blog world life that has been keeping me away from here.

    Thank you for the compliments! I’ll be back to posting soon (in fact I did a post today), but in the meanwhile remember your feedback is always welcome. What I would appreciate, in order to help keep this blog going, is a couple of things:

    - Tell me which stories you like in particular
    - A bit of general demographic background from you especially when posting anonymous (I like to get a better idea of the audience here).


  3. Hi, Enzo,

    Demographic info - I'm in my late fifties, female, Texas born and raised.

    As for which stories I liked in particular, I'd say my favorite one is the Thanksgiving scoldings, though why I don't know. I also liked the Company Holiday Party story from January of 2013, the office stories, and the Holiday Shopping Lessons stories. I kinda thought there would be one more of those, but I couldn't find one.

    I sincerely hope everything is going well for you, in your non-blog world, and just want you to know that your stories are very well written, and entertaining. You seem to be a very nice man, who really likes women. I like your stories because they aren't full of women who just meekly take a spanking, and tell themselves how they really deserve it, because they are so bad. I get really sick of those women.

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for sharing the demographic info - it helps.
    Alright Texas!

    Appreciate you taking the time to list your favorite stories which helps me a lot when deciding what to write. I suspect Thanksgiving Scolding's popularity might be due more to the pics than the story itself as that girl has the perfect expressions (does she not? her face just begging to be disciplined); or it could be the story. There are three chapters to the Holiday Shopping Stories plus one I never published.

    Thanks you for the compliments! I truly appreciate hearing that readers are out there who enjoy my style of writing as feedback is often sparse. Yes, most of the women I write about tend not to be the “consenting” type.

    I have said before this blog is a sort of outlet for me and if puts a smile on others faces; well that makes me happy.

    Thanks again,

    PS New story coming very soon.


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