Wednesday, June 3, 2015

As Soon As I Get Home!

I rarely lose my patience, but when I do...

"Let's get this clear; 
As soon as I get home I'm going to teach you a lesson,
one your ass won't forget!

Is that understood, young lady?

In fact, I have an idea
I want you to take a picture of your bare bottom right now.
Send it to me.

Yes, now.

I'm waiting."


"You are still in your nightgown?!
It is 3 o'clock in the damm afternoon!

I can't believe you...really?
On top of all your nonsense, 
you haven't gotten out of bed and changed?

Take those panties off right now! 
 No doubt they are stained from 
you fingering yourself in bed all day.

To be clear, resend me a picture of your bare ass. 

By the way you're going to get extra 
for not sending me a picture of your bare ass in the first place.

It's bad enough I find out about your nonsense to begin with... 
But then ignoring it and staying in bed all day...really? 




That picture of your milky white bottom, 
is going to serve as a reminder for you all week.

A reminder of how pale your ass was before I dealt with you.
You can look at it every time you try to sit comfortably and 
realize you can't because you are still sore days later. 

Don't bother changing now. 
Just get to your chores.

No, don't change. 

Don't bother getting dressed now 
or even putting on another pair of panties.

 In fact, leave your dirty panties by the door young lady;
 ready for my inspection when I get home.

And this is your warning, if they are stained, as I suspect,
let's be 100 percent crystal clear young lady -
you'll be getting an extra special punishment.

After your spanking and extra swats, 
I'll be the one doing the fingering.

I'll be probing deep into your
tight, entitled ass.
Until I'm satisfied that you've learned your lesson.


Wondering what she could have done that was so bad this time?
Well, I would love to hear your guesses.

Hope you are having a better week than someone I know
who definitely won't be sitting comfortable for days to come.

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