Friday, June 13, 2014

The Beautiful Game

everyday snapshot

I used to coach soccer. 
4 seasons. Short lived by most standards.
Apparently unbeknownst to me, my career was more prolific than I ever thought. 
How so? How could I not be aware of my own success?

My coaching days ended for various reasons, but to no apparent fan fare. I do not remember any tears being shed, nor a standing ovation as I walked off the field on my last game. (OK to be honest, I may have shed a tear internally; hidden from all. A solitary tear big enough to warm my cold dark heart.)

So why do I now think my career was more prolific than I imagined? Easy.
On two different, but recent occasions, I ran into two young moms who remembered me "when". Random chance meetings in the convenience store, but they shared the same excitement upon this chance encounter.

I was shocked. Shocked by the facts that:
1) I was immediately recognized,
2) and that the first question out of their lovely mouths (technically the second, if you count the obligatory 'How are Youuu?")  was, "Do you still coach soccer?" 

The conversation hardly drifted, thanks to them, and remained on the topic of those days:
"I luuuved watching you coach! I used to show up early just to watch you warm up the team! It was so cool to watch you play!" 

They both carried on in similar fashion, but one obviously was still very enthusiastic.

"Do you still coach soccer? It looks like you do. Look at you" Followed by a slap on my arm and  a nervous school-girlesque rambling monologue orchestrated by a finger twirling of hair.

"If you still practice maybe you should call me. I would love to do some laps with you.
Or I can retrieve your balls for you; I am good at that"

Perhaps you get the picture.

I had no idea.


Well the World Cup started yesterday; which if you are outside of the US you are well aware of. If you are in the US, you are probably asking yourself, what exactly is the World Cup?



Not really.

Okay, you don't have to know much about what is often referred to as The Beautiful Game, but in keeping with current events and the themes of this blog, here is a little video that should make you all smile nonetheless.


Question for the Day: Who's up for a game of soccer now?


  1. These moms sound smitten with your soccer coaching skills. I played soccer for a season way back in the day. I have to say it didn't really stick with me. I was more of a runner without the whole "kicking a ball" aspect.

  2. I think they are more smitten by the fact that in these circles, I was the novelty on many levels vs my actual skills. Hmm, I wonder how smitten they would be if I proposed a little practice time like in the video.

    I actually would have guessed that you played soccer.

  3. I love soccer, I never played though, but I had a big crush on the soccer coach he had really big arm's.


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