Monday, December 9, 2013

Pop Quiz: Panties for Christmas

What's the story morning glories? 
Everyone awake this bright, crisp morning? 

OK, Now all "young ladies" please listen up. 
Since you ladies did so badly on the last quiz, failing to answer even one question, this pop quiz is just for you! 

Gentleman, you all get a free pass once again, if you so choose to take it.

Excuse me, what was that?
Ladies, no whining!


Today's Holiday Themed Pop Quiz Topic is...
Coincidentally, these are things I have pondered for quite some time, but always most interested to hear individual answers to the following questions:

1• Do you like to receive panties as Christmas gifts?  

If not, why and if so, what is it about panties that make perfect gifts?

2• Are these gifts something you truly enjoy receiving OR
are these more in line with "self-gifts" by your significant others? 

3Why are panties great stocking stuffers (at least to me as I have always given them as such) vs. other forms of lingerie, say bras for example?


On a personal note:
Of the young ladies I have known, I somehow seemed to have transferred my love 
(um..fetish) of panties to them. It may have something to do, amongst other things, with the fact that I would often and still do buy these delicates as gifts for all occasions especially for the holidays.  Besides everyone knows Santa loves adult girls to always have a fresh pair(s) of panties for Christmas ;)

Two of my favorite visuals occur during Christmas morning. 
The first is that of my girlfriend pulling down the stockings from the fireplace, careful to not drop the overflowing contents, and then once on the floor ransacking through the "loot". The highlights of course being as she unexpectedly pulls out the various unwrapped, skimpy panties. The scene is just all very pin-upesque.

The second visual is her trying-on the new panties and "reluctantly" treating me to an instant fashion show. The coyness of it all will warm any winter day.

Not to worry as I always have a solution for a cold bottom ;)


Bonus Questions:
4• What are your favorite style, type and or color of panties to receive?

A) Are festive red panties with bows best to keep you in the Christmas cheer?

B)  Or perhaps exaggerated frilly panties are more you style?
( I have always wanted to see a girl where these with pants. I have seen them under a skirt, but that is another story for another time.)

C) Or are panties with cheeky sayings the perfect fit for your personality?
( "Cheers" indeed,  a view like this is definitely a toast-worthy event! )


OK, young ladies get to work on these essays. Remember, answers don't need to be too long, but should be in complete sentences. You have 24 hours to turn in your assignments. 

Extra Credit for those who turn in their essays on time and or go back and answer the last essay questions, found HERE.

Harsh consequences will be dealt out should anyone fail to meet the deadline!

OK, stop procrastinating and get started!

Looking forward to hearing your answers...oh and you in the back, no gum chewing in my classroom.


  1. LOL, of course everyone is welcome!
    Remember age is simply a number. Youth is a state of mind!


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