Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Political Intermission: If only...

I can't believe it is late February already. So a quick post to brighten your day and hold you over:

If you live in the United States, like yours truly, you are well aware of the pre-Presidential election whirlwind of media frenzy that engulfs this time of year. To say the opposing opinions are strong is to put it mildly....

One of the favorite topics of both sides of the political spectrum is the much debated and heated topic of Health Care Reform. Well that is a complicated issue  and I am not here to politically sway you one way or another. 

I do know that the insurance companies blame the medical facilities, the medical facilities blame the unions... and so on. Ideally I wish health care reform would be as easy as the image I am about to share with you. I wish we could point the finger at some group and take them to task.

Ideally, I would vote for the reform to begin with the Nurses. A new set of Rules and Regulation would be created to improve Nurse morale which in turn would improve everyone else's. In fact, I would volunteer to go over the new set of policies with these Nurses. I am sure I would no doubt be faced with opposition, but not to fear, as I would be prepared to work long and hard with any naughty nurse to make sure she absorbed all that was covered in the clipboard of new Rules and Regulations; beginning with:

Item III. Subsection C: New Uniform Regulation
Nurses will be required to wear mandatory white uniforms that  are no longer than eight inches above the knee in length. Uniforms will be bookended with uniform caps and as mandatory black high heels. And of course sheer white panties, with an opacity no greater than 30%, will be required.* (*Unannounced mandatory panty inspections may be conducted whenever and wherever deemed necessary. These inspections are to be done in full view of witnesses and ideally patients. All this for the better morale of the patients of course.)

Can I hear from any registered voters, Democrat or Republican, ready to sign my petition to put this on the ballot? Anyone?


  1. Doctor's tell me that one of the best medicines, that you can give a naughty nurse, is a good spanking on her bare bottom. And the dosage recommended is twice a day.

  2. So do you agree or disagree and are you willing to sign the ballot?

    Personally, I agree with the Doctors orders, but not sure I agree with the recommended dosage. For maximum effectiveness, I would suggest administration be done once every four hours.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. O.K. every four hours, six of the best with a cane, on their bare bottoms. Be she head nurse. Twelve of the best. Very best.

  4. If this regulation is part of 'OBAMACARE', I am 100% for it.

  5. I can assure you OBAMACARE, recommends such a spanking dozage, 100%, for naughty nurses.


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