Monday, August 22, 2011

End of the Summer Season, Time to Focus: Welcome Back Policy

Something to brighten your Monday morning:

- End of the "warm" summer season
- Back to school sales
- The slow build up of everyday commuter traffic
- Last rush of tourists to my fair city
All the seemingly minor yet apparent signs that summer is "officially" coming to an end.  Another sign, yet not as easily apparent, is the return of the office workers from summer breaks. I read a post over at another blog speaking of finding the right motivation to come back to work and focus. Which of course led me down the following path of thought...

In my office and the creative department of young ladies I manage there is often one girl or another on vacation due in part to the age range and personalities of my staff. These young ladies always seem to require more than a few days to get back into reality after their holidays. I would love to implement a "Welcome Back Policy" in my department. Upon a girl's Monday morning return to work after a relaxing time off, it would be my responsibility, as their immediate supervisor of course, to gather all the girls in the office around the conference table first thing in the morning prior to the morning coffee run in order to implement this policy.

The recently returned young lady would be asked to come forward, still sleepy (having quickly become accustomed to sleeping in and still tired from the lack of the morning caffeine jolt) and stand in front of a jury of her peers so to speak, or as she would later describe as standing in front of "a group of jealous bitches". 

She would be ordered to bend over the polished oval conference table and pull up her recently purchased light, strappy summer dress (a splurge purchase for her recent holiday) then a preliminary proper tan check would be conducted by one of the other girls.(Since this is an office environment, certain other policies would be in place and I probably would not be allowed to pull down her panties of course. However, since this girl was accustomed to wearing thongs, nothing  much would be lost.)

Once the girl received several disengenuine compliments on her newly acquired holiday tan from her jealous coworkers, I would begin giving the blushing young lady her first round  of spanks; one per vacation day. After five very stinging spanks with the plastic flexible red ruler, the question and spank session would begin. Each of the other girls would be allowed to ask her one vacation related question and would spank her bottom upon her reply.
"Did your boyfriend love that little purple bikini you told us about that you purposely bought in a size too small?" 

"He loved it of course." Slap! - No sooner would she answer than the spank come down on her. These half dozen spanks were merely the "warm ups" as the next set of questions and spanks were the ones the jealous coworkers really looked forward to.

These were work related questions who's answers were often hard to recall. The girls choose especially hard questions acting out of jealousy thinking how they had been were working hard while their coworker was lounging around on the beach. "What did you you call that computer file that has all the images for the designer paint ad?"

Of course after a week off this would not readily come to mind and the recently returned girl would be punished with hard spanks, slap, slap, slap...on her tight bottom until she remembered
Upon answering, the respite would be short as the next girl would step up and offer a seemingly as hard question. This would continue around the room until all coworkers had an opportunity at revenge….I mean an opportunity to have their work questions answered.

After all had a turn and the final question answered, the recently returned girl would be sent out of the office to fetch everyone's morning cappuccinos and lattes rubbing her bottom all the way and blushing all the while wondering how many office workers and pedestrians on the street would know of the welcome back greeting her pert, and currently throbbing, bottom had just received.

So who would be in favor of such an office policy?

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