Friday, September 23, 2016

Oh, Howling Devil

Anyone interested in something just a bit different?

Someone I can not see
Scatters the newsprint; shoos away the leaves.
Someone I can not see sneaks up on me.

He catches me,
Blinds my face with my own hair;
My hands are full and he takes advantage.
Pulls the hem of my dress in a wild goose chase.
This way and that,
Here a peak and there a show,
Up, down and all around.
He makes sure they all turn and see as he roars with raspy laughter.

An older women looks at me then forcibly away, annoyed.
A younger one gasps and grabs her own shame.
Only a second of compassion towards me, extended minutes of her own relief;
Grateful to have hidden her cotton whities from all but me.

She doesn't rush to help,
I guess it is every girl for herself as she scampers away.
Well I would hide those threadbare sheer grannies too...
(Yet, I wish I had been so practical.)

A handsome guy stops.
sees only one thing.
He doesn’t see my blushing face, he doesn’t really see my bare legs prance.
I am a
deer in headlights as
His eyes travel lower and lower only seeing a vision, a wish fulfilled.
My poor choice leaves my skirt midair.
red, barely-there underwear, yet still unable to hide anywhere.

Time stands still,

I'm on full display.
In my head I hear the laughs, but in front of me I see the growing reality of other thoughts.

Time stands still until...

The leaves scatter!
My full sail released at last.
I stomp, I huff, I curse - I just pout.
Oh devilish wind - why - I yell in vain.

Is that a rueful moan answering me or bidding me farewell?
Uncontrollable energy now pin-balling down the street,
Your howling laughter answers;
‘Yoooo, yoooo dared me, so I did.'


So what did you think? Did you understand what happened?
below & Comments always welcome.


Leigh Smith said...


Lilli Clairmont said...

Ha! Love this! :)

Cat said...

Fun! Thanks for sharing.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

How embarrassing but lovely when another woman is shamed!

Enzo said...

Sunny Girl - Thanks for the complement. Appreciate it especially from you.

Lilli - Glad you loved it. Seems like you found it amusing.

Cat - Happy that you found the fun in it as intended. Thanks for commenting.

Sophie - Lovely indeed; I often wonder how common of a female opinion that is.

Njspank said...


Njspank said...

Love the wind blown white panty.

Enzo said...

Thanks Ron,
Wind blown skirts are always great, but white panties underneath always make for a special treat.