Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Taco Tuesday Happy Hour: A Photo Story

It is Wednesday also know as "Hump Day" in offices across America. And in honor of that, I give you last night's "Taco Tuesday" aftermath. Enjoy. 



“I didn’t hear you? Were you asking me something?”

“I..I…I ssaid, wha..why are you using your belt? I dd..didn’t do anything wrong.”

The sniffling, the sobbing broken speech.

The snap of the leather upon itself.

“Didn’t do anything? Didn’t do anything?
You didn’t do anything right you irresponsible spoilt litt'...”

“It wwaasn’t my fffault…”

“It wasn’t your fault that you went out without telling me? It wasn’t your fault that you drank too much. On a week day. It’s not your fault that I was worried about you? It’s not your fault that you didn’t respond to my texts?”

“I...I was…”

“Stupid enough to get drunk, be left behind by your friends and rather than call me you call an Uber?”



A pleading scream.

“I.....jjjust couldn’t find my phone all night. Besides it’s not my fffault..
they were the ones…
I was just dressed up nice and they thought…”

“What are you rambling about?”

All goes silent.

Silence so thick the shuffling of her bare feet in place can be heard.

“, can I go to bed?”

Bend over and stick that ass out!


You love to show it off so damm much in those tight dresses,
then put that big ass on display for me.




A delayed scream.




“Back against the wall for the last two.
ow bend back over.”



A soft steady moan.

Please can I be done?”

I...I need to pee."

I should make you stand there, in the corner.
ou need to go again thanks to all that drinking.

"Pplease....I really, really need to..."
"Go on, before you have an accident.
And go clean yourself up and meet me in bed.”


“Did you brush your teeth?”

“Yes, sir."

"Are your panties in the hamper or on the bathroom floor?"

"One sec..."

"Good girl. Now come to bed."

A ruffling of sheets.

“I’m sorry.”

“I know you are Doll. I’m actually sorry I had to whip your cute ass so hard, but you need to learn.”

“I…I acc...I need to… I…”

“Shhh. Just come here. It's okay. It's okay.

Gentle sniffling.

Moments pass.


“Shhh, it's okay. How’s your ass?”

“On fire.
Like I sat on jalepeƱos.”

“Bwahaha, ha! Good!”

“Ii..t's nnot funny. It hurts.

A lot.
Ca…can you rub it for me, please, Sir.”

“Haha. Of course. Come here.”

“I’m...really, I am sorry.”

“I hope so. I think I made my point.
Just be glad you weren’t your usual self and posting countless Instagram or Snapchat pics.”


“I don’t think you would want to give me any reason to have to teach you a firmer lesson.
There isn’t anything out there right?”

“Nnnooo…uughh...of course not. Like I said I couldn’t even find my phone until the end of the night.”

“Good. I don’t want to have any surprises. Because if there were...
Well, let's just say y
ou just don't want to give me any reason to chase that
jalepeƱo treatment all the way up into your tight lil’ rosebud, ramming it until your ass is really on fire; now would you?"

A gasp, a whimper and a soft shiver.

"It's okay. I'm not doing that.
Not tonight at least, no reason to, right? Right?

Just b
e grateful you didn't earn that treatment tonight too.”


"It's okay. Now just go to sleep.

Here turn around, I want to feel the warmth of your spanked ass checks against me.

Shhh. It's okay, I told you. You are done for the night.

Shh, good girl; its okay.


"Should we really post it?"

"Why the hell not? It's really funny, they look ridiculous."
"Yeah, but I'm not sure she..."

"Oh well, too late!"


Let me know your thoughts and if not at least vote because remember dear readers, unlike in the US presidential race your vote matters here! Kidding. Kidding. Sort of.


  1. Wasn't one of your best, but still enjoyed.

  2. Hi Sunny -

    Agreed, it was more of a draft story. Appreciate the honest feedback and glad you still found it somewhat enjoyable.



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