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7:55 Friday Pre-Holiday

Anyone interested in a story?
I had plans for a more direct Easter related story, but this is pre-Easter so it should count. If not, well if not feel free to send complaints my way.

is a work scene story with some different layered elements that I hope you find enjoyable. Feedback is always appreciated. Oh and I often wonder do you prefer third person or first person point of view stories?

Hope you are enjoying the Easter Weekend. 


“I am beyond late so you deal with it, young lady.” He responded slapping shut his laptop.

Caught up in In her own frustration, she slammed down her coffee cup and leaned over his desk towards him, in frustration, “I don’t understand why you can’t…”

“Fiona, you are my senior designer and when I’m not around you are in charge; so deal with it,” He cut off her repetitive questioning and stood up to leave and tried his best to ignore the deep cleavage she unintentionally was flashing.

“Ppplease!  Can’t you just deal with them, real quick; before you leave” she asked stepping out of the way as he made his way around the desk.

“Fiona, there are expectations that comes with all ranks,” He began to remind her as he packed his laptop into his bag and closed the office door to in order retrieve his suit jacket.

“There are expectations of me, of my entire team, and that is why I did not leave hours ago as I had planned. Why I did not leave to start my extended holiday weekend as I had been looking forward to. Instead I had to stay here to deal with this…this unnecessary incompetence,” He explained putting on his coat and stepping forward towards his younger lead.

“Butt…butt...” she reached and failed to find words, as he stepped forward, cornering her against the credenza.

“The only butt you should be worried about is your own, Young Lady,” 
He snapped as her eyes widened at the unexpected comment

“I'...itt...was all a simple mistake…”
She searched for a reply still stuck on his uncharacteristically, slightly unprofessional comment.

“Hardly simple. Again let me remind you that there are expectations of me, and I of my team and in turn I of you as my lead. When I gave you this promotion with reservations, you promised me that you would handle things, That you would earn the respect of the team, and of those two, your two incompetent, immature hires.”

Nervously she fumbled at a loss for an adequate defense, “Buutt; I am sure they are sorry.”

“Are they? Are they? I doubt it. They have no clue. I could have sworn I just heard them giggling just now. Distracted by their
tweeting and posting again, no doubt...
They probably aren't even aware of the severity of their mistakes. It is a good thing we were able to correct them all before we went to press.
Unfortunately, if I hadn’t stayed, I doubt the corrections would have been done on time. Let me ask you something Ms. MacSweeny…”
Frustrated, he
began to lecture as she nervously stepped backwards and grabbed the sides of the walnut furniture, closing her eyes and looking away in reaction. He leaned in against her and spoke to her now mere inches away from her flushed cheeks and pouty lips as he positioned his leg between hers; his one knee leaned in, held back by only by the tightly stretched fabric of her skirt.

“Do you think I want to be here at 7:55 on Friday, before a holiday? Do you think I want to be leaving for the airport just now, in hopes of catching a red-eye flight south? Do you think I am happy that I missed my flight? Do you think I’m looking forward to dealing with my fiancé when I see her first thing tomorrow morning? Do you think I'm looking forward to dealing with having to correct her mood that early? She already needed a firm spanking working up to this whole trip, even before she went off about me working late…”

“Aa...wwha… a ssppa...spanking?
You mean that figuratively right?" She fixated on a single word rather than his entire rehetorical speech?

"No. Of course - not figuratively," He shot back at her and then punctuated his meaning looking at her as if it should be obvious.
Wha..whoa..I had no idea.She mouthed slowly, not believing what she had just heard,

“Of course. You think she gets a pass because of her pedigree? Please! That entitled ass; ha! She needs it more so than others do…”
He caught himself then and released an impulse laugh. Smirking he turned away realizing that his fiancé would not be very happy to know that he had just accidentally released her little secret.

A quick picture flashed in Fiona's mind of him spanking the snobby Rebecca over his knee; with her vonFurstenburg dress hiked up and her pretty panties yanked down and dangling at her knees as he spanked her naked bottom. Seeing her kick and scream as he brought his big hand down on her pale ass... His hands must really hurt her, Fiona thought through the details; she had always noticed how big and masculine her boss's hands were, truly an unfair advantage over his fiancé's perfect little yoga toned butt...Yet, no doubt for if anyone deserved it, it was that arrogant bitch....Wow, she thought to herself; she couldn't believe it, but she wouldn't mind seeing it that was for sure.
She was suddenly brought back to the present moment as she heard him raise his voice again.

“Fiona! Focus. Seriously, I sometimes think drinking all those lattes, all day long, is having some negative effect on you. I advise you to wipe that sweat off your forehead and march those two irresponsible dimwits into your office and deal with them now.

He stepped away towards the office door and looked back at Fiona who was now breathing heavily as her chest rose and fell visibly. Such a cute girl, he thought to himself, but at times such an anxious creature.

“Bbbuut? But what do I doooo?” she stuttered, “You usually deal with all the disciplinary issues.”

“Yes, but that is the reason you were promoted. There is trade off to that raise that affords you those nice designer clothes, including those sparkly shoes...”
She gulped staring at her feet like a chastised student, while he went on.
"...and no doubt the luxury of buying matching pantie sets now."

"Sir! Please..." she gulped as her face flushed in embarrassment. 

He shook his head at her, “What? Oh please, just stating facts. But speaking of panties, young lady, pull whatever you obviously have wedged up there, designer thong or your old cotton frumpies, out of your ass. Whatever they are are causing you to not think straight and handle the situation. 

Handle the situation as I would; or be prepared for me to deal with you on Monday.”
He raised his finger and aimed at her now trembling lip.

“If I come back from Holiday and this hasn’t been dealt with to my satisfaction, I won’t be very happy and neither will you.

Therefore deal with it - Please. 

Or I will deal with your ass; and not so politely either."

She stared at him in mixed disbelief of his candidness. He was never one to mince words, but did he seriously just threaten her with a spanking and possibly more? Her mind raced and her knees almost buckled.

"Do you want to take the spanking for the team? For those two?!" He went on gesturing with his thumb out the door, thinking to himself that "those two" definitely needed a spanking and a lot more.

"And allow me to be perfectly clear; ask yourself this young lady, your cute ass may be big, big enough to cover your own mistakes; but is it really big enough to cover the full consequences for all three of you? 

Is it?!”

He slammed the door and heard a small yelp from inside his office. His
hand still held the doorknob, for a second he considered going back in. He was late, tired and hungry and there was no need to explain to her anything further. He decided against going back in and headed off. Lucky for her, he did just that.

Lucky for her he did not see the trickle of warm wetness shoot down her leg. That he did not open the door to see her close her eyes tightly in dismay, holding back tears, grateful for small mercies; for choosing to wear tights that morning.
She pursed her lips and blew out slowly, bouncing in place as the nylon held the sputtering streams momentarily. The trails spread wildly down and around her leg and puddled into her shoe as it became clear that she needed to now deal with another issue caused by her uncontrolled nervous reaction.


“Goodnight Sir!
He was greeted by two high pitched voices both speaking and lowering their cellphones in unison. Their tone was almost taunting as he passed the drafting table the two freshmen hires were huddling behind.

Have a good holiday Sir. Give our best to Rebecca for us. Give her a slap for us." Sabrina rambled out as the pair smiled awkwardly as if holding back giggles.

He looked at them suspiciously, and asked "A slap? What exactly do you mean by that?"

"Oh, you know Sir, just slang. A a high-five..."

"No, more like a low-five!" Tabitha chimed in and then quickly diverted her eyes away towards her partner expecting to be greeted by an approving smile, but was not.
He leaned over opposite the work desk, nonchalantly grabbing a drafting pencil from the caddy, as the two met his lean from their side in seemingly hopes of being let in on a secret.

“Tabitha, Sabrina" he looked at one, then the other; making sure to make clear eye contact, "I hope you two manage to find some comforting rest at some point this weekend after you leave here tonight.”

“Oh we will! We were about to leave as well. Got big plans you know,” Tabitha chirped as she tossed her hair and in turn caused her chest to bounce. Gawd those tits were begging to break free from behind her tight white blouse he thought to himself.

“Don’t get too excited as I don’t think you will be leaving anytime soon, ladies,” He explained stroking the pencil between his fingers, “Ms. MacSweeny is planning to have a few words with you before you are free to go. I do hope you get something out of it.”

“What about?” Sabrina replied for the two, who were looking at each other in genuine surprise as if it had just been another day, and not the stressed filled extended hours of a work crisis that was nearing its climax.

"Ms. MacSweeny will deal with... with those two...." He said distracted by the full scene or radiant smiles, oblivious youth and glorious exposed flesh.

“Oh and one last thing, Tabitha,” He addressed the perkier of the two, “Button that damm blouse, before someone finds a more appropriate use for that gap.”

With that he sunk the wooden pencil into her deep and flaunting cleavage to where it immediately disappeared to eraser tip.

Their mouths opened wide in unison as they stared in disbelief. He refrained from saying anything more and walked away from this layered scene still building, to another that awaited him.


Hours later, as he tried to get comfortable on his red-eye flight, he wondered if Fiona had dealt with matters back at the office. He allowed his mind to wander, picturing the scene if she had, but had she? What do you think?


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