Thursday, March 3, 2016

Suit Yourself

March already? I can't believe  it. I also can't believe it has been two weeks since my last post. I could post more often, but does any come hear to listen to my ramblings or do you come here for the stories?

I think you come here because of the stories, but perhaps I am wrong. If I am wrong, I am wrong yet again as I bring you this excerpt from The Wedding.


 Are you going to get out of bed?"

"I will. Eventuallyshe answered lackadaisically.

“We need to be down there an hour before the ceremony; time is ticking.  Don’t you think you should get up?” He reminded while her trying to be patient.

“Don’t you think you want to come back in bed and wake me up properly?” she blurted out so quickly, before she had a chance to edit herself.

“It’ll help you relax” she added smiling coyly trying to make it about him and not her.

He turned from the dresser mirror still adjusting his bow-tie and stared at her.
“Ther’ be plenty of time for that this weekend. Trust me. Now get up.” he replied a bit annoyed by her her lack of urgency and focus.

“Sorry, just was trying to be helpful. You know, help you relax before that best man speech.”

“Really? You are trying to be helpful?” he raised an eyebrow at her explanation.

“Yes. Well..OK honestly staying in a hotel for a weekend with my boyfriend. In a hotel for a wedding. Seeing you in that suit…Well, all of it…” she glanced away making eye contact with the shabby chic country decor of the room.
“….Well all of it just makes me a bit horny” she whispered.

“Apparently,” he smiled back while putting on his jacket, “but technically this isn’t a hotel. Its someone’s cottage.”

She was annoyed enough that he was ignoring her offer, but irked further by his constant corrections and snapped back “Fine. But technically you aren’t my official boyfriend.”

He shook his head, “Don’t start. I warned you early on about your behavior when I invited you along. I’m not going to put up with it this weekend. You are my date, my guest at this wedding, and I therefore expect you on your good behavior young lady, or else.”

“Whatever,” she rolled her eyes.

“That’s it. Consider yourself on check young lady,” he fired back, now clearly annoyed.

She said nothing simply nodding her head sarcastically.  He pulled on his suit lapels and looked over at the thick white comforter which concealed all of her but for her pouty face and, somehow still adorable, bedhead.

“Now; please get your cute ass up and showered, before I drag you in there myself,” he threatened as he yanked the comforter away in a quick swing; leaving her more on display than he had imagined. Leaving her almost completely exposed; topless with her one hand attending to her bare breast while her other hand was lost knuckles deep inside her panties.

“Ahhh!” she screamed at the unexpected reveal.

“Really, young lady? Really?” he asked in shock.

“What?!” she responded “What?…I offered. Besides your threats get me hot.”

He looked down at her fingers, then at her big eyes, before raising his own finger at her,
“I will definitely deal with your naughty behavior later. And to be clear it’ll be in more ways then one.”

Then to her further frustration he casually turned and walked away.

As he opened the door he unexpectedly stopped.

“Regrets?” she perked up.


“No. I almost forgot. Rule number 4; I left panties out for you to wear. They are on the dresser.”

“Ohmagawd?! That’s why you came back?”

“Just be a good girl and make sure you wear them. You’re already dangerously close to getting your bottom warmed, so don’t add to it.”

With that the door clicked behind him.

“Idiot! Suit yourself" she called after him as she pounded the bed with bunched fists.
She rolled her eyes in olympic fashion before slithering her way out of bed and across the room to the dresser. Slowly she unfurled the dainty scrap of fabric and held them up to the light, confirming their makers purpose as the morning rays rendered them translucent.
“Mmmm, at least they are pretty,” she smiled.

She was certain these tiny panties (apparently he had misjudged her size, but she was still flattered) held some double meaning to him, something reflective of her bad attitude no doubt. She attempted to process their significance, but figured it was something stupid in the way of his stern split-personality.

She squinted around the entire room, from the open bathroom door where her new special occasion dress still hung on the padded hanger, to the elaborately wrapped present waiting patiently by the door, and then to the antique clock on the nightstand. Excited about the day ahead which included playing “dress up” she felt the nervous energy building up further inside of her. She stood there for a moment contemplating his threats, her hands still caressing the delicate cloth in her hands. She did not want to be late, yet she allowed herself to debate her options.

Then, much like most things in her recent life, acted upon her instinct and rushed back into the welcoming soft comforting sheets. Laying on her back she looped her thumbs into the waistband of the panties she had worn to bed and pushed them down and off. A minute of frenzied bed hopping and struggling later she was staring down, admiring the transparency of the soft new fabric between her legs.

Smirking to herself, she leaned on her side, gave her bottom a stern, but playful slap and winced.
“A spanking?! Huh! Whatever. I’d like to see him try” she told herself before rolling onto her back again only to imagine just that; imagining him spanking her for being the dirty girl she was.

She ran her hands down her smooth thighs, paused, and took a deep audible breath.

Spreading her soft thighs wider, she revealed the clearly visible, neatly trimmed beautiful patch beneath it; if only someone had been there to enjoy the view. Her long thin fingers wandered down and stretched between the delicate sheerness and against her warm skin She burrowed her fingertips slowly before beginning to softly rub in a circular motion; then rubbed the motion out. Forward again before diving deep into a shameless solo pursuit of furious self-pleasure.
“Fuk him. His loss,” she told the empty room and closed her eyes.


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  1. Having spanked many women for many years and can spank the one who lives here anytime, I much prefer dialog like this that leds up to the spanking.

  2. Hi Bogey,

    I take it you are referring to non-domestic discipline type dialogue. This does come across more of banter which was the intent.
    As always thanks for commenting.



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