Monday, February 4, 2013

4:45pm Friday

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"You realize it is not 5 o'clock yet?"

"Really?" She replied amazed that I was asking the question.

"Yes, really." I move towards her desk and without words my menacing movements make her stand up, turn around and retreat towards her computer monitor.

"But everyone is gone and we are the one ones still working. It is practically 5." she replied trying to maneuver a hand backwards to the mouse and or power button to hide what was on the screen that was obviously not work related.

"The question you should be asking yourself is exactly that -- Why are we the only ones still working this late on a Friday night?" I said staring straight into her eyes which were now widening like a deer caught in headlights.

"I don't know..." she pushed her body back franticly trying to find the computer mouse.

"Perhaps it may have something to do with your lack of focus Young Lady."

She paused to consider her response "Perhaps it has something to do with being a hard-ass!"

I greeted her response with a solitary smirk.

"Actually I wouldn't consider myself a hard ass, but  I would consider your attitude worthy of a name change to 'Miss Smart Ass'. Perhaps I should take these last few minutes of the day and teach Your Ass about Your Job Responsibility." I responded taking a seat in her office chair.

"What?? ...I....I...." she stuttered realizing much too late her mistake of having spoken too soon.

"Normally I like to take my time in teaching young ladies like you a lesson, but since you are so concerned about it being so close to 5 o'clock, let us forget about the layers and go straight to a bare bottom spanking; shall we?"

With a singular tug of her arm I had her over my lap as her hands grasped for the carpet in front of her. A few seconds later I also had her short dress pulled up and her bikini cut panties yanked down. My heart speed up to an accelerated pace as I simultaneously admired the pleasant surprise of her large ass (which must have been concealed within the tightness of her panties) and noticed that her untanned bottom was as pale as her white microfiber panties.

"No!! I am sorry..." she protested as she struggled to keep her feet within her strapless heels due to her body being stretched in an arch over my lap.

"No, I believe the correct term is that you are 'almost sorry'. Not quite sorry yet. Almost being 'sorry' is not the same as actually being sorry; much the same way as 'almost 5 o'clock' is not the same as it actually being 5 o'clock. Allow me to demonstrate." I explained as I fine tuned my aim by softly placing my palm on each of her cold lower cheeks.

Surprisingly she quivered and pouted at my touch rather than struggle as she seemed to prepare her body for the inevitable.

"Why don't you count out the seconds remaining until 5 o'clock?  Looks like we at least  have a few minutes left on the clock and remember there are 60 seconds per minute. I'll spank - you count. Good. Let's begin..."


Njspank said...

Terrific story, well written and just hot. Wished for a panty warm up but well done, love the pic.

Enzo said...

Thanks for the complement Ron.
I prefer a layered approach to giving a spanking as well, but based on the story, ( the whole rush for time) thought this was more appropriate!

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