Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Red is the color of...

Hope everyone had a great Valentines Day and for those in the USA hope you all had an enjoyable extended Presidents Day Holiday as well!

My V Day was less than memorable as was my extended weekend, which got me to wondering... 
Was everyone else having a fabulous Love Day, except for me? Was everyone else taking advantage of this Valentines Day and proximity to the three day weekend to spend five days at home...in bed...having non stop sex?

Or perhaps even if not having young marathon-esque sex, was Everyone else at least having good sex on Valentines Day? I am and was much like the character Amelie...seeking solitude, seeking answers. Do you remember that scene in the movie Amelie where she looks out and ponders...

How many couples are having orgasmic sex at this exact moment?

Yeah, that was me...the one thinking. 

Or is VDay simply an overrated holiday?
Bouncing around the inter webs I found a lot more women either into the holiday and or depressed by it.  At least women were the ones writing about it. Are women the ones truly into it and not men? I have always been a romantic and have always taken extra care with this holiday to make it special, but as a man I feel I have always been in the minority.

I hear conversations amongst women who go to extra care to look great on this day to make their significant others feel special. Is this the general case or again is this an inaccurate perception of the holiday?

Therefore I am going to conduct an informal poll with preference to the female readership of this blog.

On Valentines Day, did you:

1) Wear red in public?
2) Wear red panties or something special in private?
3) Have extra special sex?
4) At least have good sex?
5) Get spanked?
6) Get spanked red?
7) Your thoughts and comments.

Please share.
Hope to hear from you all soon.

With that task appointed, I know Cupid may intentionally skipped my place this year, but I hope he was at least busy targeting red bottoms elsewhere based on my instructions.

Bonus surprise poll
For the next story, who would you rather hear about being punished:

1) A former naive employee/coworker?
2) A bratty spoiled ex-girlfriend?

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