Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Random Thoughts: Mining for Gold

During a recent weekend, I attended what would be considered by many a subculture themed type event.

To be clear it wasn’t a BDSM / Kink event. However, it is an event that seems to often have a crossover audience. (Not sure why that is exactly. Perhaps it has been researched or can be explained easily, but that is not for me. Nor for you to focus on.) The point is that although this was a a select audience, it was not an adults-only type event, but open to anyone who shared interest in the featured themes.

I had attended in the past and on this occasion it was held as an open air event, due to COVID restrictions, with the feel and energy of a marketplace. Having attended in the past, I recognized most of the vendors. I eventually came across a new booth being shared by what appeared to be two vendors. One was selling an assortment of handmade accessories. The other was selling BDSM belts and harnesses. Some might argue slightly out of place.


As I approached the table I immediately locked eyes with what appeared to be the live model for said wares. I greeted her and she responded with eyes ablaze. There was what I would identify as a spark. To be fair, her eyes were the forced focus as the majority of her face was covered by a black mask and her head in a black leather military officers cap, but still.

We exchanged a few enthused pleasantries and my eyes eventually zeroed-in and followed her barely there outfit down to between her legs. I could feel her watching me, studying her. Her hat and facemask were covering more than the rest of her outfit combined. It was worn intentionally to draw attention leaving almost all on display, as well as some possible unintentional details that I fixated on. Although she might have had plenty of stares throughout that day, something about our interaction led her to suddenly become self-conscious and caused a s retreat.


I may have misread it, but I honestly don’t think that I did. There was some definite familiar connective energy there; unfortunately with masks on, it is hard to read facial expressions.

What transpired afterwards and in my mind and if she read mine is a tale for another time.

So then what is your point Enzo?

My point is that afterwards I had a revelation. A possible revelation.

Am I again a square peg in the round hole. Or better stated, am I a square peg seeking the wrong holes.

I have been attempting to date via the traditional dating apps. Surprisingly as I have stated here before, I have come across a few ladies who share, or claim to share, my interests. They unfortunately haven’t quite worked out for one reason or another.

I have always veered away from the obvious FetLife for possible connections as that seems a whole mess in my opinion.

Where are you going with this?

My revelation is that maybe I am indeed looking in the wrong places. I’m panning for gold in rivers hoping to hit that long shot and strike it. Maybe I should focus my efforts and be searching in the dedicated mines where the probability is known to be higher.

Simple enough or so it seems, right?

The thing is that once you go into the mines you are presumed to be just a miner, a one dimensional character. And that is one thing I have always been true to myself about. I have a variety of interests and tastes, a walking contradiction to some, but that is who I am.
I have a friend who I would often scold about force-defining herself only by her kinks, she is so much more than that.

Multifaceted and multidimensional. Aren’t we all?


  1. You speak the truth. Once you enter a mine, you are first and foremost identified as a miner. But will that not help you weed out those who cant see beyond that first layer and who'll stick around to see the other facets and dimensions that make up the whole you?

    Time consuming for sure. But if you haven't got anything to lose, why not?

    Also, I've scheduled a post tomorrow that will have a video of BIKSS demonstrating the 2-finger smack on my bum. I hope you will have time to come visit and take a look.

  2. Hi Fondles - It is true I haven't anything to lose except for the investment of time and energy and yet that is what seems to be the biggest deterrent. Something to think about. Always appreciate your words.

    And I feel honored that I inspired a post of yours! Looking forward to seeing it and learning. LOL


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