Thursday, August 12, 2021

What ever happened to…

I think I will start a new segment on here.
It seems like I have quite a few subjects to fill in for the question of
“Whatever happened to…”

Today’s segment.

I know I haven’t been active on this little corner of the blogosphere very often as of late (meaning the last few months), but I was wondering about a particular blog that has gone missing. Yes, missing!

I'm aware of the long ongoing trend of blogs slowly disappearing, exiting over time while others shutdown with a sudden closure. It is always the ones that suddenly cease that are shocking. I am also aware that recently some blogs
apparently were unpublished by error and then reincarnating under other names.

However, today’s question in particular is:

Whatever happened to the blog that would re-publish British Spanking Magazines almost in their full entirety, pictures and stories?
To complicate the reference and search, and truthfully and sadly because I am a bad blog fan, I can’t remember the actual name of the blog!

Please note the following clues:

• I am not referring to the self titled blog of British Spanking Magazines. That blog stopped publishing new (recycled) material about 10 years ago.

• In contrast, the missing blog was still publishing up until
a few months ago and had been quite active for quite some time (years?).

Even though there was some overlap between the self titled blog mentioned above and the blog I am searching for, the missing blog would re-publish full picture sets and full stories, with additional details. Plus the quality of the scanned photos appeared to be overall better and larger.

To further add to the mystery (or the biggest mystery!) it seems to be missing from everyone’s blogroll! This is really peculiar as some inactive blogs are still on blogrolls some 7 plus years later! And yet in comparison, gone only maybe a couple months, it is missing on any list I've seen.

Perhaps it is still there and this is simply proof that I’m way overdue for my eye doctor visit (thanks again COVID).

So help me out readers and fellow bloggers.
Am I just missing it and it is still there on the blogrolls?

Or did it in fact disappear into the dark of night?

And if so, do you have any clues to why it vanished?

I’ll wait here.


Until I hear back from you, before I release the hounds.



  1. Hi Enzo,

    I remember the blog you are referring to. I had it in my blogroll, and recall that it was deleted. Maybe one of the new changes to the Blogger blogroll is that deleted blogs disappear from blogrolls if there is no longer a feed for that blog.


    1. Hi Hermione - Yes, I remember visiting it from your blogroll.
      Deleted - as in Blogger (the entity) took action and deleted it or that the person creating the blog deleted it themselves?
      Just wonder how it is different than this blog:
      which states it was "removed". I am guessing removed was voluntary -?

    2. In the latest version of the Blogger blogroll gadget, you have the choice of using a URL or of using the blog's feed. That might make the difference between a deleted blog staying or going. Just a guess.

    3. That is actually a excellent guess! I'm sure it is related to the choice of a static URL vs the feed. If the widget sees an inactive site then it probably doesn't list it. This would explain why it doesn't show up on the blogrolls.

      However the reason for the initial disappearance remains; the mystery continues!

  2. I believe you are referring to "Spanking Magazine Stories" (or something close to that)
    It was a fantastic site that published daily - - Sometimes hard
    to keep up.

    1. Hi Anon - That sounds correct. Still don't understand why there is no trace of it to be found anywhere on any blogroll.

  3. Sorry can't help. I liked the site and had some great pictures.


    1. Hi Ronnie - That's ok. Thanks for visiting and commenting just the same. It was an incredible archive.


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