Monday, January 13, 2020

Random Thoughts: What is it about this?

What is it about scenes like this one below?

Likewise, what is it about the following scenes that are so captivating?
What is it about watching these girls fall flat on their bottoms that excites me? 


There should be a GIF ABOVE and a short VIDEO BELOW
Two different scenes, but both with Winter themes.

I know, I know; this seems especially sophomoric sounding, possibly more so than some of my other slightly off topic posts. However, bare with me and contemplate that question for a moment.

So yes I admit, in general, I do have a fondness for awkward and slightly clumsy girls. I also have a place in my heart for the poorly thought out antics that leads to the dismay of certain girls. 

To clarify, I do know what it is not.
I do know that it is not a joy in seeing someone get genuinely hurt.
For the record, my sadistic side is kept elsewhere, locked with a specific key of consent. If you are familiar with the German term schadenfreude; I know it is not that.

        Pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune.


Yes, there is some love of females being embarrassed and humiliated in some low-level overall lighthearted way. Nothing extreme and no genuine long-term harm; never. 

So again, what is it about these types of scenes that are so captivating?
What is it about watching these girls fall flat on their bottoms that is exciting?

In some ways I think it is all related to a certain variety of Pin-up Art. I am sure you are familiar with the variety:


Or is it all alluring because it involves girl's bottoms being punished?
Or the innocent reveal of panties?

Or is it simply just funny across the board and nothing more?

Are you a fellow fan of any of this?
Would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. does it ignite that chivalrous spark in you to come to her aid perhaps?

  2. Hi Fondles - I would like to say yes, but my physical reaction tells me otherwise ;) Yes there is the desire to always help the damsel in distress, but I also have the overwhelming urge to spank her afterwards for getting herself in those situations in the first place.
    Still wondering if I am alone in all this.

    Thanks for asking.

  3. I'm pretty sure BIKSS shares your sentiments.. I shall send him here.

  4. In a past, more distinctly vanilla world, I would have said helping the poor lass up would have sufficed. Having learnt the pleasures of spanking I have to say a spank or seven on the rump after a fall would definitely be something to consider a d be remembered.

    If the opportunity to redden a tender posterior presents itself, it should always be consider with some seriousness right? One should never pass up an opportunity.

  5. Fondles - Thank you for sending BIKSS over.

    BIKSS - Agree with your opinion that one should never pass on such opportunities. Reddening an already tender bottom, well the thought alone makes me happy. Thanks for commenting and letting me know I am not alone in this thinking.


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