Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Random Thoughts: Define Creepy or Sexy

How is life treating everyone? I have been away from blogging for a bit now unable to find my creative spark. Which is due to multiple factors, from the ongoing negative Union divide to personal issues, and thus unable to carve out any genuine time for dedicated writing. Not sure if anyone noticed. Regardless, I hope to work my way back to writing soon.

Meanwhile, as I was trying to cook up some inspiration, I stumbled across the following ingredients.

1. I was part of a conversation recently about the definition of “creepy” and how possibly, much like so many things in life, one person’s creepy is another person’s sexy. Much like a fetish. Similar to how some define a spanking fetish.

Ponder that for a good solid moment and then add a cup full of the following.

2. I was perusing illustrative inspirations when I came across the following illustration:

click to enlarge (if you dare)

So if you know a few things about me by now you can probably guess right away what I like about this image and why I would put it in the sexy category.
Sophomoric perhaps, but still sexy.
Yes, the perilous situation of the young blond and her windblown skirt of course. Sprinkle in some not so obvious details here and there which add to the sexy visual: for example; her expression, her toes turned in anxiously, her chest at attention and the fact that she wears glasses - all favorites.

Of course, like any illustration I come across, there are things I would have enjoyed much more. For example, sheer or definitively girly panties vs. the thong shown would have been the icing. So all of these still fall under the sexy category for me.

Then you look further and you see what I would define as creepy.
What is with that cab driver? And his mask?
Just leaves a strong tinge of “what the holy hell’?!

I am sure there are some subliminal messages hidden here that the artist wants you to figure out, but I for one am not sure what they all mean.

Take that ticker tape, confetti-like stuff falling down? Is that what it is supposed to be, or is it meant to be represent something else, something that I am obviously missing.
The "F.U." cab company name is a bit much for my tastes and I am sure the other name right below it also has some double-meaning although I have no idea what and or what language that is. (Not the “O. Davis 6” part as that refers to the artist himself, oDavis which can be found on the DeviantArt site).

And lastly, what the hell is that hanging from his rear-view mirror?
and Why?

Not to mention that on the surface level I am not clear of the overall interaction going on. Did she just hail the cab and his abrupt stop sent the wind gusting sideways causing her skirt to blow? Or did she just get out of the cab? But if so that angle doesn’t make sense.

So overall there was some innocent sexiness to this image that featured one of my favorite situations, but it goes awry with that cab driver. Or perhaps it is just me and others don’t see the creepiness in the illustration. Regardless it illustrates my point of the perception of certain things - sexy / not sexy vs. creepy / not creepy.

What are your thoughts? How would you define this? And what is your take on all the questions this illustration conjures up?

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  1. like you, i'm not sure what the story is here either. i can't make out if she's coming or going. maybe she's about to lean it to ask the cabbie if he can take her to a less-than-usual location and the wind decided to act up? who knows. It's sexy on her part. and definitely creepy where the cab driver is concerned!

  2. Hi Fondles -
    Glad I am not the only one struggling to figure out what is happening on the surface (not to mention all the hidden messages).
    Always appreciate you commenting.


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