Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Political Related - Non-Political Post

So I was watching the news the other night which is always a bad idea. I have told myself countless times it is best to avoid the local news outlets in general for they lack substance and tend to focus only on “bad news”.

As an aside, but to be totally transparent one of the reasons I choose to tune in time and again is based on the reporters outfits. Yes, call me shallow and or sexist. I am not denying it in this instance. But, for sake of clarification and my defense, this particular channel must have a contract with a specific clothes manufacturer for all the female reporters seem to always wear the same style of clothes. Perhaps this is a typical and/or national type sponsorship thing that I am not aware of. Even if it is, I don’t much really care one way or the other. What I am drawn to is these tight form fitting dresses with big color blocks of fabric that seem to only serve the purpose of highlighting these women's...these women's as…talents.

And it is not just the stereotypical weather girls, but all the female reporters. Trust me, I am not complaining; but simply digressing.

Not my news channel (unfortunately),
but for illustrative purposes.
[I do hope this multi-gif loads]

Back to the point of my post is that I heard a story about a politician who was “outed” for “his fetish” and declared unfit for office because of it. Since it was a TV soundbite which, as is often the case, left me with more questions than answers; I had to investigate and research further online. Here is a link to one written version of the story.

So I am not one to judge another's fetishes. I try my best not to and generally try to live by the “to each, his own” code.  However, I was in shock. I was in shock, because I had no idea this was even a thing. It is absolutely a thing - proof here.

Which led me to think further.

Am I missing an opportunity?
Am I missing the opportunity of writing Bigfoot Spanking genre?

Perhaps that is what is missing here on my blog.
Perhaps that is what you all really want to read about.
Not my typical everyday stories here, but stories of Bigfoot and his spanking adventures.

So I ask you dear readers, should I quit my style of writing and veer of into the realm of Bigfoot spanking erotica?



  1. Bigfoot Erotica? Seems the list gets longer every day.
    I just want to stream your local channel. No need for sound.

  2. well, there could be a following. but i'm not one of them. Bigfoot Spanking stories... really? no, i mean, really???

  3. As with Fondles, not me.

    I think readership is down all across the board. Before I stopped blogging I noticed a downturn and I think most other bloggers would agree. Twitter, Snap chat and other social media have eclipsed blogs.

  4. Enzo,

    Don't quit your day job. Keep on blogging about what you know best.

    I agree, the tops some ladies wear are quite distracting. There is one woman whose tops always strobe, making it hard to listen to her very good analysis. Most of the others wear sleeveless, low-cut tops, while all the en are in shirts and jackets. Are the men too hot, or is the studio air-conditioned and are the women shivering?


  5. Bogey - I wish this gif was of my local channel, but my local channel is close and almost as pleasantly distracting.

    Fondles - Not really. At least not really for me. I think my tongue in cheek commentary didn’t quite come across as planned. Yeah there is something for everyone apparently. Thanks.

    Sunny - Agreed, readership is down and people seem to prefer the sound bite type posts vs the longer blogger type posts. Always appreciate you commenting.

    Hermione - LOL Don’t quit my day job — too funny! I wish writing was my day job.

    So apparently it is not just my local news channel that has the double-standard attire. As an aside, you have to excuse my not knowing what you meant by “…always strobe” in your comment.

    Always an honor to have you comment here.

  6. I think you should keep writing the way you do!
    I sometimes stop blogging ha ha.... I have very few readers stop by! Just the loyal ones! :)

  7. Thanks Minelle.

    I enjoying writing if I know that people enjoy reading my posts. I am sure that is the same with most bloggers. Thanks for the encouragement.


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