Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Definition: Hangry

So I decided to go ahead and hit the "publish" button and see what you think. This type of story is not one I have shared recently, but am very much interested to hear your feedback. Here you go, Version 1- the condensed story.

han • gry



When a young lady becomes bad-tempered and extremely irritable as a result of hunger. She is cranky, angry and overwhelmed.

Often cured by a simple, single portion of nourishment.

Future flareups are best avoided by preemptive administering of a well-rounded,
firm serving of strict correction immediately upon initial signs. - author: Enzo

A hangry young lady.


"But why?! I didn't do anything wrong?!" she daringly interrupted and then instantly back-peddled, looking away and wincing her face in obvious dread of my response.

"You have no one to blame, but yourself. There is nothing to discuss. Finish eating. I will deal with you later."

"Bbbutt...I didn't do anything wrong!" she pouted slamming her utensil occupied fists down against the table.

"That is exactly the problem, Young Lady! You don't think you did anything wrong.

And what is with that reaction? You should be setting an example and not have me reminding you about table manners. Regardless, what was with all that attitude before and up until we sat down to dinner?"

"Umm...I was...well, you were running late and I was ready! And I was all dressed up...in the outfit you left out for me," her hands now preoccupied with anxiously pulling at the hem of her dress.

"Yes, I know you are dressed as instructed; which reminds me, we will do an overdue pantie-check later to see if you have the right pair on. But I asked you a specific question. What was the reason for all that sass, Young Lady?"

"Nu..nuthing...It..it was...well," she stuttered while lowering her tempo, deciding it best to look away and stared down at her manicured toes peeking through the tips of her heels
"I was just really excited about dinner and I started rambling. You know I do that when I get excited."

"Really? Were you? Is that how you show your excitement? Is that how you show your gratitude?" I questioned with a follow-through of hand gestures, "Does screaming and making wild accusations seem like a logical response to the person who is treating you to a special night?"

"I don't know," my young bride sputtered out a frustrated reply, "But, look! I'm wearing the heels you like too" as she reached to move the tablecloth out of the way. She only managed to reveal part of her legs before I intercepted her wrist, grabbing it tight in order to have her (and I) stay focused on the questioning.

"I asked you specific things about your attitude, I expect you to at least think about possible reasons.

How should you have reacted towards me? Towards everyone? How should you have behaved?"

"I gu...I guess; I must, I must just be really hungry" she whispered.

"Well obviously, you must be hungry. But that is no one's fault but your own. I texted you hours ago to remind you to eat. To remind you to snack as I had to work late."

"See it is your fault! You shouldn't have worked late, again" she snapped before catching herself once more and retreated. She sought shelter in her dinner plate, picking up her fork and began chasing an elusive crimini through the sauce.

"My fault that you behave like you do? Keep it up and you will get an extra firm lesson in accountability" I warned her while snatching up the baby 'shroom with my own fork on the first attempt and dropped it in my mouth "Be careful."

She squirmed in place, managing to avoid any eye contact despite our close proximity; despite our bodies being only centimeters away from each other as we sat side by side.

"I don't appreciate your rude attitude, Young Lady, to me nor anyone else. This wouldn't have happened if you would have taken care of yourself like you were supposed to, like I reminded you to. Since you decided not to listen to me nor your own body signals; I'm going to make sure this doesn't happen again."

"This wouldn't have happened if you wouldn't have been late" she mumbled under her breath."

"Excuse me?"

"Nnnn..nothing" she replied hesitantly as the fork slipped from her nervous fingers, clanking against the plate and sending a small splatter of sauce in all directions, stretching across the white table cloth and onto the front of her dress.
 "That's your new dress, right?"

She did not respond and frowned as she saw the sauce drips scattered across her cleavage and messing her dress. Instead she glared at me out of the corner of her eyes.

"You know, I don't think this little lesson can wait until tonight. We need to take care of this attitude right here and now."

I pushed back from the table and immediately tugged at her chair. She grabbed for the tabletop to avoid falling backwards. It was an unnecessary reaction, for no sooner had I pulled her chair away had I caught her and pulled her towards me all in one full motion. The sudden actions left her flailing just as I yanked her down over my lap.

"No, no! Wait..." she protested.

It was my turn to not respond with words. There was no time wasted on merciful warm ups; instead I immediately flipped up her dress and exposed her bottom. My eyes zeroed-in on the white canvas while confirming she had at least followed orders. It became immediately apparent there might be further reason for her irritable mood. The seemingly thin rayon material of her snug white panties was bunched upon itself and wedged high and deep between her cheeks.

A delivery of three echoing solid spanks in rapid succession announced the impending assault.

"Oh my gawd!
Owww! Owww! Stop!


Yyyouu ccann't do this!"

"What do I always tell you?!

I can!
And I will.

I will discipline your ripe ass whenever and wherever necessary! You earned this. I have had it with your impatient, rude and petulant attitude!

And too be clear, this is just a warm up. Your pale, untanned, tight ass is going to get a complete and thorough workout later tonight!"

As I explained the punishment yet to come my thick fingers began fishing between her cheeks.

“Uhhh…uh..ohh, oh..aaa” she reacted as I probed throughout until I finally hooked under the edge of her panties. I pulled half of them out from her crack, holding the sheer material taught for a brief moment before releasing them with an intentional snap. 

The elastic edging had slapped back with a sting over her already blushing bottom. The material now formed around to its proper place, gripping her cheek fully. I cast my finger into her crack once more, probing further for the other elastic leg opening as she squirmed and kicked.
Eventually I dug out the remainder of the material and holding the rayon high once more before releasing it with a harsher snap. 

"Owww! Oh, oh, ohh."

I now stared at her fully encased bottom; entirely covered yet fully vulnerable. The forced stretch of the material under the pressure of her ample bottom now shown sheer and hid nothing underneath. I began another round of discipline as my hand began spanking her confined cheeks.

Slap. Slap. Slap!

Slap! Slap!



"Ohhh! Ohhh, gawwwd! Ppeee-Please!" she moaned.

"What? Doesn't that feel better; no longer having your panties in a wad, twisted and wedged up your ass? Was that part of your problem?"

She grunted an incomprehensible answer, which could have been easily mistaken for a curse. I didn't wait for clarification, and took it as such and responded with a thunderstorm of additional firm spankings to her pantie-clad ass.

Slap. Slap.


She squirmed and kicked in failed attempts to escape the ongoing punishment. I grabbed at her wrist tight to steady her over my lap once more before gripping onto the thin waistband of her panties and yanked the delicate fabric down.

"Awww! Nooo!
Dear gawwwd no!" she shrieked fearing the further exposed state.

The once tight rayon had given way and revealed full pale cheeks. I paused in order to scold, and in the process giving her a slight reprieve; and more-so to take in the full view of her now entirely defenseless bare bottom. I skipped the additional scolding and instead simply carried on for her vulnerable bottom just called for further discipline.



Slap! Slap!



The sound of dry, unprotected skin being punished rose louder and louder with every contact until reaching a crescendo of whimpering. The lesson was delivered efficiently as her wild scissor kicking and protests eventually gave way to a steady swaying and soft continuous gasps for breath.

"All out of words now are we?" I asked sarcastically, "No more snide comments?"

She coughed up incomprehensible words, yet leaving me still unsatisfied of her contrition. Therefore, I continued on with a heavy volley of open palm slaps against her now jiggling cheeks. Her tan lines filled with a growing blushing hue signaling that the relentless impacts were clearly on target.
"Pu..pu..please...Ppp'ease sstop. Stop!
It. It. It hhurs! It hhurss.

Thhhis is em' bare'ass'n... pppease," she stammered.

"Well, you are right about something. Your ass is bare", I chuckled at my pun as she coughed and choked on restrained tears.

At the recognizable sounds I stopped the attack and instead began gently caressing her bottom. Fingers traced over her warm, punished bottom measuring for degrees of radiating heat; all clearly conclusive, her bottom was on fire.

I was about to swing her onto her seat, as I was dying to to see her remorseful face as a final confirmation that she was truly sorry; when we were interrupted.

"Are you ready to order dessert, Sir?" a soft voice asked.

My bride let out a squeak and a simultaneous shiver.

"Actually we might need a few minutes," I smiled back at the waitress.

"I understand, take your time" she responded automatically, but did not walk away.

She was in awe of the surreal moment, staring at a grown women draped over my lap, bottom bared and punished like an insolent. Fixated on the fact that this exposed feminine figure had just been spanked in public.

At that synchronistic moment, my bride began scissor-kicking in wild protest demanding to be freed from her humiliating pose. Instead, her struggles only served to release her panties from where they had been rolled down to just below her blushing bare bottom. The dainty material now slid down her thighs, down past her knees in seemingly slow-motion only to
tangle around her kicking ankles. Undeniably a sign of their own surrender. 

"Ahem," I cleared my throat to break the trance and signal the waitress to retreat.

"Oh! Sorry. I wwass..." her big brown eyes were still fixated and processing all the humiliating details; from the hiked up dress exposing naked flesh, to the sexy heels kicking and waving a stretched white pantie flag (tiny, modest panties that she undoubtedly had never meant for public view), to the lady's petulant yet pained grimace.

She turned to walk away then unexpectedly pivoted and bent down towards my ear while leaning over my bride and whispered.
"She was just hangry. I understand.

But I'm glad you spanked her though.
She was being a bitch to you. To me; to everyone.

I get like that sometimes, too."

With that, she smiled and seemingly holding back a snicker of contempt swayed out of sight.

My bride having overheard the confession released a whimper. A soft whimper just before silent tears finally found freedom and gave way, cascading down in black streams, down her sweet face. I pulled her upright onto her seat, brought her close and put my arm around her. She buried her face into my shoulder as I held her tight; stroking her hair while I contemplated dessert.


Hope you enjoyed this latest edition of Narrative Definitions.
Who can relate to the "Hangry" curse? Anyone?

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Of course any and all comments are always welcome & appreciated!

Although in this version, I left the degree of "public" out and left it to your individual imaginations intentionally I am still curious about:


  1. That waitress caught me by surprise. It was a hot tale. One that got my blood going, i must say.

  2. I definitely enjoyed this! Never suspected it was in public! Loved the panties actually in a wad and not like the usual —-expression! Lol

  3. I definitely get hangry and short tempered. Be a gentleman, notice the signs and bring her a snack. Then a pre-dinner spanking is welcome.

    I don't mind reading about public spanking stories, but I wouldn't personally be ok with being spanked in public if others were around. Outside or public, assuming we had privacy, could be ok.


  4. Fondles - Very happy to hear you enjoyed it! I guess I did my job right this time.
    Glad to hear the waitress was a surprise as that was the intent with this version. Appreciate your feedback!

    Minelle - Thank you for letting me know and happy to hear it was an enjoyable read! As far as the expression, that is the way I always say it. Glad you found the humor in it. Thanks for letting me know.

    Heather - So based on your comment to be aware of the signs and bring her a snack; I am guessing that you didn’t enjoy how the spanking of the hangry bride played out in this story?

    Also, I think most would also not be be ok with a witnessed spanking, but still makes for a great story material. You should try an outdoor spanking at some point, highly recommended.
    Always like getting your comments.

  5. I thought I commented the other day, maybe not. Anyway, this is clever, holding the public part back until the end. Enjoyed reading and maybe a bit envious.

  6. Hi Sunny - Although I no longer get comment notices in my inbox and have to check Blogger directly, I didn’t see any pending comments ?

    Thanks. I thought holding back on that key detail works for this shortened version. I have a longer version where you know off the bat where they are at.

    Glad you liked it! And thanks for always commenting.

  7. Enzo,

    I'm completely fine with how the story played out. Spanking stories are always nice.

    I just think it's also great when your partner knows exactly what to do to make you feel better. In real life, if you wanted to be nice- bring her a snack. Spanking after is always optional.

    It would still be nice if he thought to give me lite snack before we left for dinner somewhere or had an appetizer ready while dinner is cooking. Something to prevent me from becoming hangry.


  8. Heather -
    Apologies for the delayed response.

    Thanks for the clarification on the story.

    Yes, but in real life just like in the story, there is has to be some self-responsibility on her part. In the story there was the reminder text to have a snack since he was going to be late. A gentleman can only do so much when he is not around and thus the reason for the well-earned spanking, wouldn’t you agree?



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