Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Random Thoughts at the Watercooler

Here we are mid-week. Another Wednesday already and therefore I felt the need to take a break and say hello at least. Get up off your chair, stretch your legs and walk on over here for a quick break at the water-cooler to discuss some random thoughts and observations.

I have been rather busy and unable to find the time to publish a couple more stories, but based on the last two posts, perhaps that is for the better. Those stories, The Gift parts I & II, seemed to have missed the mark anyways based on the response. I imagine some readers, who don’t share all my same exact "other interests", were possibly turned off by one of the pictures that alluded to our heroine in a compromising position and assumed something happens in the story that did not. Or perhaps it was simply they were not enjoyable stories; as I am still surprised by which of my stories seem to gather more attention over others which I would think would be the more popular choices.

Wednesday is a special day of the week I like to refer to as “Hump Day”, but I'm not offering anything that sexy today (we are at work after all). Instead, I offer you the opportunity to create some sophomoric thoughts and simplistic smiles thanks to the following tails. If you have been around here long enough, you are well aware that my love of windblown skirts is only topped by my love of spanking (And somewhere in there is 
my love of pin-up girls as well.)

Two things to keep in mind as you listen to these episodes. One, “Woe is she born on Wednesday" and two, Wednesday is really “Winds-Day” when referencing the disagreeable nature of weather as noted by the great philosopher Pooh.

Now, for your consideration, are the resulting episodes of either innocent intentions which were not thought out entirely or situations were innocents themselves were simply at the whim of nature.

So what do you think, are our girls here full of woe today?

I'd like to think they are at least full of embarrassed woe. Why? Partially, because it makes me smile just seeing these unstaged, truly accidental wind-related embarrassing situations.

The other reason - which you might be able to relate to better - is imagining the growing apprehension of each of these young ladies at realizing that they may be dragged home at any moment and given a thorough spanking for their careless actions.

Regardless of how sophomoric my reactions might be, I need the smiles.

Silly tourists who don't heed the weather reports.
Perhaps the locals don't believe the weather reports either.

It was Stephanie's idea to take the celebratory grand opening picture,
reminding everyone to dress up.
She wanted to make sure her entusiasm showed.
More than her enthusiasm was obvious.

Sure, Gina, I'll take a picture of you appearing to be carried away.
Why don't you jump to make it look more realistic?

I apperently can never say it enough, "Cristy, put the damm phone down!"
Maybe you should be worried about other things...


  1. Hey Enzo - as for figuring what will sell and what will not, I do not have a clue. Some of my best writing according to my editor doesn't sell well and others go like hotcakes.

  2. Hi Sunny - Thanks for the sharing your thoughts. It just seems so hard to predict and doesn't seem to be based on what would be 'obvious' indicators or what should make a popular story. Thanks again.

  3. I'm a big fan of Pooh. And extremely careful about winds-days. Also I change the bottles at my water cooler - and I'm happy to say I've NEVER had hoist it up with my knee :)

  4. Hi Fondles - Your comments always manage to make me smile! Also thanks for the attention to detail as evidenced by your comments.

    I’m impressed with your water bottle changing. At my former office, as the only male in my department, I was often called upon to replace the water bottles (some might call that sexist). In my current office environs, I recently realized they now added these sturdy handles to make lifting those bottles a lot easier.


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