Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer Mornings

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Summer fleeting, I greeted dawn much like any other day; with blurry vision and a strong desire for even stronger coffee. I stepped out of the warmth of the bed onto the unwelcoming cold planks and sleepwalked quietly around loose floorboards towards the window in order to not wake my bride. The brisk morning air greeted me as I shooed the pussycat away from the windowsill. As I reached my hands up to push the window down, my eyes grew wide as they slowly focused on the glorious vision across the way. There in the weak new day's light, framed by an exterior window and surrounded by radiant man-made light was another kitty.

Mere feet away, but an entire world away, stood the illuminated figure of my young neighbor gleaming wet from her morning shower. My eyes were now in sudden focus as she dried off in haste and marched back and forth across the open window attending to her morning routine. The only hint of clothing was the towel wrapped around her hair. Finishing her makeup in this state of undress (an obvious system to avoid possible makeup stains on her work clothes), she tossed the towel to the ground. She bent forward to shake and blow dry her hair as her breasts swayed as softly as the solitary leaves on the peach tree just outside our windows. Task completed she stood tall, her newly accented face defined, reviewed herself in the mirror and in-turn framed by the open window. I held the window frame to steady myself as I looked on at full attention. Satisfied with herself she turned around, bent over to grab her discarded night gown and paused in that lovely pose as if forgetting something; then straightened up and walked out the bathroom door. Even as the morning moon was gone from sight, I was sure to not forget a single detail.  

I turned my full attention to the inside of my still dark bedroom and looked across to the gorgeous figure swathed in white sheets. My bride, still recuperating from a late girls night out hardly moved despite my intense gaze. I swiftly made my way onto the bed and removed the sheet with a snap to reveal all her beauty. Laying on her stomach she buried her face further into the pillows and tucked her feet under herself as her bare body reacted with goosebumps to the sudden cold air. My one hand reached for her breast while the other grabbed her waist. 

"Time for your wake up call, sweet" I whispered.

She nodded half asleep and then shook her head of tangled hair.

"Too early" she mumbled.

"I am already up" I replied stating the obvious and aligned myself behind her.

"Mmmm..too early" she repeated with unopened eyes hiding her face in her hair.

I took a deep breath and found her soft spot, then I pushed my weight forward
and began a slow, but powerful constant pounding timed to an inaudible alarm clock. Her hands dug into the sheets and searched fruitlessly for the snooze button. I focused all my attention on this kitty, who seemed not to wake despite every solid pounding thrust. Moments later she began pouting loudly and rather than near satisfaction my hunger simply grew with her sounds. I paused only to pull her up on all fours as she gasped knowing I was far from being done. 

Without further hesitation, I thrust myself back deep into her moist tightness holding onto her soft waist. The pleasure growing more intense as she began to arch and sway. Despite fully enjoying this delicious morning treat, I contemplated adding more to the plate. I pulled out and rested my full attention snug between her ample and now sweaty, quivering cheeks. I moved up and down gently, not penetrating, but merely teasing as I listened to her heavy breathing.

A loud out of beat click-clacking from outside caught my attention. I turned out towards the street side window and past the sheer curtains to see my neighbor shuffling past wearing one high heel; the other heel lost in her hand amongst purse, lunch and keys. My eyes focused in on her pert bottom now tightly encased, but just barely covered by a pinstriped dress skirt, whose hem she was franticly tugging at as she anxiously hurried towards the bus stop. I turned back to my bride who was now also focused on the latest vision walking down the street. I glanced to the floor and saw the cream high heels my bride had worn out last night. They lay still tossed about where she had walked out of them and into bed. 

Perhaps an added lesson about countless irresponsibilities during an extra late night out would definitely go the extra mile as part of this morning wake up call. My heart pumped at full pressure as I grabbed her hair and pulled her back, staring into her big blue eyes having just decided to adding a few extra touches to this kitten's morning greeting.

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