Sunday, November 29, 2015

Saturday Scoldings: Thanksgiving, Gratitude & Sisters

This sums up the mood I have been in.
Fair warning, to my female readers with delicate ears;
you may want to read this in bed where you can peak over the covers while you read this.


"What did you mumble, young lady?
Did you really just say that?

You know what the cure for a dirty and ungrateful mouth is?

 I wouldn't dare?

 You sound pretty confident of yourself there, young lady?

Guess what. I don't care.

I don't care if we are in your parents' house. 
I don't care if they are upstairs and can walk in on us any minute.
You think you are safe and can act up just 'cause you are in their house, do you?

Guess again.

I'm going to teach your entitled ass a lesson right here and now!


 What that hurt? 
You haven't felt anything yet.

I don't care if they walk in.
They should have done this to you a long time ago and
we wouldn't have these problems now.

You wouldn't have been the spoilt lil' bitch you can be.
Want to repeat what you called me earlier?
What did you dare call me?

Excuse me, who bought you everything you are wearing?
From those expensive shoes, to that dress, to that haircut? 

And another thing, why are you wearing a thong anyways?
Did I not specifically leave a pair of bikini style sheer panties out for you to wear; did I not?
If I leave panties out for you, you wear them.
You wear something that covers your ass properly. 

  Oh, you are you trying to show it off, is that it? 
Is that it? Answer me.
Maybe you'll want to show it off after I spank some color into it.
You can show off the fact that your adult ass was spanked.

You think you have such a cute ass don't you?
Well, let's get a closer look at that cute ass shall we. 

You know what I see?

An immature spoilt brat.
I see an entitled girl who needs to be taught a firm lesson.
You need more than just a spanking.

Feel that?

Yes, no doubt you do.
Your lil' virgin asshole is long overdue;
it is so damm tight.

What was that? What did you mumble?

Perhaps deeper...
Deeper and harder.

And another finger might help.


It's for your own good.
In and out.
In and out.


And out. 



Shhh...calm down.


I''ll just keep my fingers here while I make a suggestion.

Why don't we have your Mom change your place tag to "Veruca",
as that would be most appropriate?
That matches your immature attitude perfectly. 
When we sit down for the Thanksgiving meal in just a few minutes 
and people notice you are squirming or ask about your new name,
please feel free to explain.

Please tell your sisters.
Tell them how I pulled up your designer dress
and how I just spanked you like an insolent.

How I pulled your designer panties to the side,  
rammed my thick fingers up your tight, little prude asshole 
and stretched you wide. 
 Tell your sisters that you may be a conceited, arrogant, show off to them,
but when I spank you and probe your hole,

you are a humble apologetic obedient bitch. 

Tell them how I just taught you a quick lesson
in gratitude for the nice things in your life.

I think I'm going to enjoy dinner tonight watching you squirm, trying to sit comfortably. 
I'm going to make certain you are sore and red before you get up.
It is going to be an extra special Thanksgiving dinner.


And as soon as we get home I expect you to march your ass upstairs
and be waiting for me in the bedroom.

When I walk upstairs
You better be bent over, looking away
with that big ass of yours standing at full attention!

When I open the bedroom door 
your naked, pale ass-crack better be
smiling back at me! 

Tonight, I'm going to finish what I started here."


What did you think? Was I too rough?
Wonder what she could have said that was so bad?

that is the big question and I would love to hear your guesses.

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving and are enjoying the extra long weekend.
As always, comments are definitely appreciated.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

No Waiting Cosmetics

Why do we watch movies, read books and stories? If you are anything like me, it is for a bit of escapism from the overwhelming chaos of the world. A brief escape from the everyday pressures, a moment to be transported to a better place. However, speaking in general terms my escapism still needs to match up with my pretty low suspension of disbelief. That said, I might have taken a bit of liberty on that suspension of disbelief in this story; but I'll let you decide. Regardless my intent is always the same, to offer you a fun, sexy and entertaining break. 

Oh an I almost forgot. This is the fantasy (better) version of this previous reality post, in case you are interested. 


"No waiting Cosmetics" she offered in a well rehearsed, yet utterly unenthusiastic tone. The pharmacy cosmetic clerk had stepped out from around the aisle and waved at the long cue of customers.

An elderly woman was checking out at the main register and was having trouble with the entire process beginning with the basics; hearing the cashier properly to counting out the correct change. Add in the modern day extra steps of having to enter a Rewards Card number; plus throw in the necessities of attempting to scan crumpled coupons, all combined to clog the bottleneck checkout process. Consequently a line of mid-day customers had backed up behind her. Despite their international features, the majority shared her age demographic, and perhaps often been in a similar situation, none seemed to be bothered too much by the slow down.

That is, all but one customer who was not of the same demographic, far from it in fact. It was the Young Lady in the Summer Dress whom I had seen quite a bit of previously. She was next in line behind the elderly woman and had proceeded to go into a tirade to her friend via her cellphone. She was going on about how she couldn't believe the lack of open registers, how old people are just so slow, and why do they have to pay in change, have they never heard of a credit card – on and on. She was spewing her anger to her friend without any attempt of lowering her voice; sprinkling in complaints about the "unbearable" heat for added measure (despite the fact that we were on a temporary reprieve from the heat thanks to the store's A.C.).

I cleared my throat loudly repeatedly to cut off her rude comments. The flustered young lady merely turned around once, stared at me without regard and continued on. Granted she wasn't screaming; simply speaking in a normal voice, yet loud enough for all around to hear (well at least those whose hearing aides were turned up). It was rude regardless and that is where I tend to lose patience with most; especially with the rudeness of young ladies.
The pharmacy cosmetic clerk waved over the flustered young lady. "No waiting Cosmetics" she repeated in her soft Russian accent.

Although I hadn't been called over as well, I followed in pace with the loud flip-flopping and audible huffing of the rude young lady in front of me who by this time I had nicknamed “Flustered Summer”. As her turn at the register had "finally" come up, I was once again treated to a view of white cotton stuffed tight between tanned checks as she unloaded her basket.

The magic of this rare, but heart rising public upskirt sighting was lost by the young lady's ongoing bitching. Her continued griping of how others were making her late continued to take away form the beauty of the candid view. Never speaking to nor acknowledging the cashier, she carried on her cellphone conversation without lowering her phone from her ear as her check-out process was slowed by her one-handed process. The combination of her overall rudeness and her hypocritical ways finally sent me over the edge.  

"I don't understand old people; just 'cause they aren't in a hurry doesn't mean…."

"You know you could learn some manners" Against the better judgement of my internal voice telling me to let it go; I interrupted her as I plucked the cellphone from her hand. 

"You could learn a little patience as well" I added. "That lil' old lady checking out earlier was doing her best. I bet you didn't even notice her arthritic hands, did you?"

"Excuse me. I...I.. What, who are you?" she shook her head at me, confused and caught off guard while she grasped for her phone which I held out of reach over her head easily due to her petite stature. 

"Hey, give me back my phone!" she demanded. Fearing that her lifeline was escaping, she stretched with all her might, tip-toeing to reach it. 

She stopped only upon hearing a soft gasp from the cashier. Looking down she realized that her uncovered cheeks were sneaking out from under her short dress which was rising with her every stretch.

"I think you embarrassed that lady with your rude comments" I explained, ignoring her request. 

"It's hot...and she was taking too long. They didn't..." she rambled off her prior complaints.

"Can I ask you something?" I cut her off.

"What?" she continued stretching her artificial tanned arm towards her phone which I continued to hold above my head.

"Are you always this rude or only when you have your panties literally all up in a wad?"

Her eyes dilated instantly, obviously insulted, as she attempted, but failed to form a quick enough response.

"Well, are you?!" I demanded in an unintentionally overly-effective commanding voice; that caused a pair of senior ladies who were joining the cue to stand back.

"A...ahhh...I am nnnoott!" she whined and kicked my shin in a fitting mature reaction. 

Thanks to her heat inspired choice of footwear, Flustered Summer hurt her toes more than she had hurt me. Shaking the pain out of her foot and dangling her flip-flop in the process, she glared at me uncertain of what to do or try next. 

Regardless of the fact that I wasn't hurt, she had fully crossed the line in my book, plus she had also drawn first. I looked down at her and took a deep breath, puffing out my chest and allowing any trace of a smile on my face to entirely disappear. 

"You know what you need young lady? You need to be taught a lesson in patience and manners!"

Her nostrils flared, in reactive anger as she placed her hands on her hips in a defiant stance as a buildup to some speech justifying her actions. Unfazed, I methodically put her phone in my back pocket, handed my cold drink to one of the senior ladies who grabbed for it graciously and I slowly proceeded to roll up my sleeves. 

"Wait...Wwhaat? Whatt you doing?" she stuttered not fully understanding my intent, yet certainly worried by my threatening gestures.
Without another word, I grabbed her firmly by the arm and swung her over the small cosmetic counter. In a matter of seconds the scene was set and she was bent over.

"Oh this is going to be good" one of the other senior ladies whispered as another next to her nodded. A language barrier might of existed between those two; but their joint approval was obvious in their wrinkled smiles.

A unified exclamation, from a gathering chorus of senior ladies, jointly overtook the sound of the Muzak the instant my initial strike hit her plump bottom.


"Owwwww! What the…!"


"What the..?" she looked at me in shock, "What the hell you doing?"


With minimal force, I landed three open palm slaps over her light weight summer dress. She swung her arms and kicked her legs wildly as if I had truly beat her. Perhaps the size of my hand, compared to her petite stature was causing enough of an impact, but the cushioning in her ample bottom led me to believe otherwise. 

I attempted to steer clear as best I could of her flailing limbs, while keeping her down with one hand. With my other open palm, I seized every opportunity, I could to strike at the ample target.

Slap! Slap!


I stopped needing my ears to rest from the screeching coming from the disciplined brat. Prepared to conclude her lesson, I raised my arm high ready to deliver one final firm slap; when I felt a tug at my shirt sleeve holding my swing back.

Turning around, I was met with the face of experience, topped by a bright babushka. “Oh, great,” I thought to myself as I was ready to defend my actions, yet uncertain of how it would go based on an assumed language barrier.


"In my country we use this; szczotka. You use!" she placed it in my open hand, patted my back and nudged me forward to attend to the matter at hand.

Summer looked over her shoulder saw the exchange and immediately stared at me with pleading eyes. "Ppplease…don't!" 

"I was going to stop, but it looks like the jury here, thinks you have yet to learn your lesson." 
I explained as I reached out and proceeded to flip up her short dress. Now on full display were her white panties, the scattered blue flower pattern joined together in a bouquet wedged between her cheeks. The immature pattern and simple material seemed out of character to the arrogance of the young lady.

"Oh.My, Gawd. No!" she squealed as she felt the cold air of the A.C. on her 
as her embarrassment now escalated. She couldn't believe this was happening, and worst of all how she was on display for all to see.


"Oh ffuuu..." she blurted out on impact.

"Mind your mouth, young lady" I scolded as I began a steady rhythm and within a couple of minutes a half dozen smacks were delivered in short succession; each followed by a shrieking pout. The prior source of the drowning out of the Muzak was now replaced by the sound of wood striking against her minimally protected flesh. 

"Owww! Ow! OhmaGawd!! Ppplease….pplease…stop" the whines of the young lady were repeated over and over as I brought the thick heavy brush down on alternating quivering cheeks, making sure to hit her uncovered cheeks. Her bending over the counter caused her seemingly small panties to rise even further exposing half her bottom cheeks.

The stoic cosmetic clerk having completed her paid task of the packing of the paper bag, simply waited patiently throughout the scene unfolding in front of her. She looked on as if she was merely waiting for just another customer to retrieve a nickel from the bottom of an over-sized purse. She would occasionally wince as the heavy brush made contact with its target. Yet it seemed she was reacting more to the audible sound then the uncommon scene taking place in front of her.   

Then out of nowhere she reached out and grabbed the young lady's flailing hands; holding them in her own and stretching them fully over the counter. I wasn't sure if it was intended as a sympathetic consolatory hand-holding of the young lady who's eyes were tearing up or as a supportive gesture towards me in the restraint of a difficult customer. Regardless, the spanking was now being delivered unhindered.  

Summer gritted her teeth and seized her verbal protests and proceeded to close her eyes and began breathing heavily through her mouth. Perhaps she closed her eyes in hopes of awakening from this public humiliation dream or perhaps it was merely an involuntary response to an excitement growing in her that she couldn't explain. 

I swung the wooden brush again and made another echoing contact with her plump cheeks. With every smack of the wooden brush, Summer's ample bottom would jiggle in uncontrolled reaction. She would lurch forward in a failed attempt to escape the spanking, causing her dress to to inch ever higher with each slap and her practically bare chest to rub against the glass counter. Not only was she regretting her poor choice of panties this morning, but also not wearing a bra as her nipples stiffened against the cold glass.


The spankings were repeatedly delivered as the desired effect was becoming clear to the international judges who were looking satisfied. However, remembering that my beverage might have been out of the store cooler for far too long and would be warm; I stopped.


"Will there be anything else, sir?" the cosmetic girl asked in an almost Pavlovian response as if she had been waiting patiently for me to stop. The question was asked almost out of habit and in a fully rehearsed, but in an emotionally-void tone. She stared across at me simply waiting for an answer while apart from holding her hands still, completing ignoring Summer.

"Will there be anything else, young lady? Have you learned your lesson? Ready to apologize?" I whispered, leaning over Summer making certain to rub the front of my pants against her warmed cheeks.

"Apologize?! Screw you!" she shot back. "You..ffu.." she attempted to push back, but stopped as she felt the stiffness of my pants against her bottom.

"Yes, there is something else!” I replied straightening upright, but making sure not to back up too much.

I proceeded to grab her white cotton flowery panties, wedging them further into her crack and pulled upwards; offering the clerk a better view over the counter of their faded and worn state. Summer gritted her teeth in angst as she was held like a hooked fish, almost dangling by her panties. "Do you sell women's panties?" I asked.

"We do have lady's panties; those, those are not."

"If you could get some in an extra-large, please." I instructed as I sized up her bottom matter-of-factly.

"Extra-large!? Ahhh...What the hell you talking about?! Let mmmeee goooo!" She glared back at me over her shoulder as she attempted to push herself off the counter.

 "I'm nnot an x-l, I'm..." 

I pulled tight on the wedged cotton causing her to squeal and flop chest first against the counter yet again. I delivered a solitary extra firm slap of the wooden brush squarely across both her practically bare cheeks. The solid impact of the wooden brush caused her to jolt forward, clenching her cheeks tightly and immediately ceasing her struggling.

"You stay there and think about this," I explained holding her down, her skirt flipped up and her spanked bottom on full display, "when she comes back; you can either apologize or I can rip these dingy panties off you and give you a genuine full bare bottom spanking right here in front of everyone. And I'm sure everyone would see plenty more than just your ass." Summer gulped and squeezed both her eyes and her cheeks tight wishing to disappear. 

We both now waited again, both focused on the same thing for different reason. She focused on the throbbing pain on her overly exposed bottom and her possible further humiliation. I focused on her lovely and surprisingly still jiggling cheeks; now genuinely tanned from her thorough spanking as I contemplated so many other pleasurable uses of her bottom.

"I'm sorry we have only large; I think they might be too small" the clerk smiled at me and winked at the my fellow customer still trapped against the counter. 

"And control-top style might be best" she explained offering me the retrieved assorted color, 3-pack of rayon panties. 

"Good idea" I replied acknowledging the suggestion.

Straddling the young lady's legs in order to keep her in place, now needing use of both my hands to rip open the package. Selecting the black pair, I unraveled the self-clinging fabric and held them in place over Summer's ample bottom. I measured, stretching the fabric to reach the ends of her hips and in turn stretching them to sheerness.

"Actually, these will be just fine. No doubt snug and tight, but the effect will be perfect; no doubt a more proper fit then these dingy lil' things." I smiled handing back the entire contents of the package. "Ring her up for these and the brush as well, please."

"As for you, get up and pay the lady" I commanded releasing my now penitent captive.

"Excuse me? Pay what? Why? What?" she huffed blowing her disheveled locks out of her face as she straightened herself up, stretching her legs awkwardly attempting to dislodge the thick wad of wedged cotton between her cheeks.

"Do you have Rewards Card, miss?" asked the clerk nonchalantly continuing on her well rehearsed speech. 

Summer looked at the clerk in disbelief as she gave up removing the fabric and instead tugged at the hem of her dress to cover her shame. "My Rewards Card?! Really?" 

A half-dozen set of eyes followed us out the door; Summer with her bag of humbling purchases and I with my now somehow paid for, and still cold, drink in hand. As soon as we walked out the automatic sliding doors, she attempted to make haste and disappear when I grabbed her arm.

"Slow down there, one last thing."

"What?" she looked at me confused and still in a heavy daze from her rather public embarrassment.

"Your panties, please."

Confused for a moment, she reached in the bag to hand me the new purchased set.

"No, not those. You have earned your big girl panties and I expect you to be wearing those next time I see you. Give me the ones you have on." I ordered.

She gasped in utter disbelief.

"Yes, the panties you have on. Now do it before I take them off of you myself!"

She took a deep breath, glanced around the normal summer afternoon city street as she  closed her eyes and slowly reached under her dress with one hand. Now I was the one losing patience as she wasn't moving fast enough for me, so I followed through with my threat. 

I spun her around and pushed her over the store's guardrail causing her to drop the grocery bag in the process. Then without any reservations, I flipped up her short dress once again and effortlessly found the cotton undergarment still wedged deep between her tight cheeks. I grabbed tightly onto the thin waistband. I held her in place for a moment, enjoying holding her under control again, tempted to do more as I stared at her punished ass and imagined plunging deep between her tight cheeks and stretching her wide. That was for another time as I gave the waistband a forcefull tug.

"Ohh. Ohh. Oww!" she moaned as I pulled and the cotton rubbed firmly against her lower lips, digging deep between her legs, before giving way unexpectedly as the elastic snapped. I released the new straps of the torn leg hole and the panties dropped to her ankles, leaving her cheeks jiggling uncontrollably and her naked ass fully exposed in the hot afternoon sun.

“Oh. Ma. Gawd. Nooo!” She pushed back, bent over in order to retreat the sparsely decorated white fabric when a chorus of foreign prayers rang out from behind her. The senior ladies had stepped out at just the right moment and confirmed that this immodest brat of a young lady obviously deserved what she had gotten.

Without turning around, she knew what they had seen and looked up at me, mortified. Without a word, I motioned with my fingers for her to hand me the torn garment and she obeyed in slow motion like movements. I raised her panties up to my nose, took a deep sniff, smiled at her and to her further astonishment tossed them into the top of her grocery bag, next to her new big girl panties.

She was left speechless and now entirely penitent. Avoiding eye contact with anyone and any further possible humiliation, she turned quickly and flip-flopped in a panicked haste disappearing down the hot asphalt street.


To the unsuspecting crowd at the nearing corner bus stop, her swaying hips and jiggling bottom were worthy of a second glance. Yet only she knew that under her short summer dress, her cheeks were not only bare, but her bottom was throbbing from having been taught a very firm lesson.

As she weaved through the small crowd awaiting the next bus, a summer breeze rushed the city street and caught hold of her dress. With her one free hand she immediately reached out and held tight to the front of her dress. The breeze seemed determined and threatened to lift the back of her dress to her now visible dismay, but instead it took hold of the dangling items atop the grocery bag.

The breeze caught, lifted and sailed her knickers for a brief moment before dropping the lightweight cotton to the ground, in clear view of all the awaiting passengers. She looked around in total disbelief as all eyes were on her. She debated bending over to retrieve her torn panties, that upon putting them on that morning she had never planned for anyone to see. She began to ponder that perhaps the universe was in fact conspiring to teach her a well deserved, but tough lesson.

Did you enjoy that?
I sincerely hope so. I made a poll for you, but as always really appreciate your input via comments.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

L.O.L. 2015

Welcome to Love Our Lurkers Event 2015!
I have been blogging here for a little over 4 years now and I believe this my 3rd year participating in Love Our Lurkers Day(s). Although not a published participant throughout the entire 10 years of L.O.L. events, I do remember almost all the previous years commenting on blogs far and wide (Which was easier years ago, since our little corner of the blogosphere seemed to be less far and wide then).

If you are frequent visitor here, I want to say Thank You. Thank you for coming by and listening. Yes listening, that is how I see it. One of the reasons I write here is as an outlet. As I have mentioned in various previous posts, I write as an escape to the stresses and pressures of this life. Stresses which perhaps are not much different than those in your life. Forced to deal with added outside and
ongoing pressures on everything, from the mundane tasks required of existence in the big city, to the seemingly unbearable pressure of heartache in one form or another. I hope my posts have served you well.

If you vote in my post polls, I Thank You Again for they are meant as a gauge to at least measure if anyone is listening. I know I can look at my stats on Blogger, but I often wonder if those 1000 visitors are merely me checking my posts 1000 times for post comments and or votes. It is hard to say.

If you Comment, I owe you Extra Gratitude, for hearing a voice is a gift especially when it is a like-minded voice. It takes a lot of courage to come through the internet shadow and comment and thus the reason why Love Our Lurkers was created. To invite all those who merely lurk to say “hello” and those who blog to say “welcome”.


I often wonder about my readership;
who you are, what type of relationships you are in, your age range, etc. I wonder if you practice spanking or merely are unknowingly drawn to it over and over.
I have an idea of who my readership is and what they are drawn to here (i.e. mostly females fond of Domestic Discipline stories), but who knows I may be totally off. I don’t expect readers to divulge personal information, but I would be interested in hearing general demographics if everyone who visits would be interested in sharing. If not, no pressure; a simple hello and how often you visit would be just as welcome.

As an aside I must say I miss certain bloggers who have closed up shop without any explanation. Of course the ones I miss the most are the ones who used to comment here often. Ladies if you are reading this drop me an email and let me know you are well.


If you are New Here you may consider reading this previously written explanation of my Everyday Voice much better than any current attempt:

Welcome to this wonderful place that looks, sounds, feels and smells like our own everyday world, but with some distinct differences. A place where adult girls who shun their responsibilities, are made to pay for their offenses, where their entitled or arrogant attitudes are checked often and their bottoms are the primary focus of their penance.  

Not only is this a place of disciplining young ladies in various clever and embarrassing ways, but a place to just admire and be in awe of the female creature in all her inner,
outer and spiritual beauty; all in an everyday context.


This is also a place to see and hear of girls flushed to all cheeks with embarrassment. Where short skirts and sheer dresses turn on their owners much to their dismay; but to the welcomed entertainment and joy of those fortunate to witness such beauty.
But, please don't ever confuse this place as somewhere where women are meant to be disrespected or degraded. These stories are a blend of fantasy and reality. Non-consensual discipline is for the young ladies who deep down secretly crave it; not something done out of duty or out of a lopsided abusive relationship. 

 However, discipline here is seldom random and never unwarranted. Well administered spankings are fully justified. The young ladies may not be willing participants, but that is the fantasy aspect right? I don't think every story needs to have a "disclaimer" paragraph at the end that explains that those involved were secretly planning and consenting all along as so many authors choose to include. For me that merely spoils the entire story. 
I hope you enjoy what you find here and come back often and say hello when you do.


 As I am in the midst of going through some major life challenges (thus the reason for my recent absence), now more than ever I wonder the big questions:

Should I hang up my hat and close up this blog?
Should I take it to the next level and publish the book I’ve been contemplating?
Should I continue on just posting here and hopefully keep bringing a bit joy to some of you out there via what I consider unique stories rooted in everyday settings?

All the best,