Thursday, March 20, 2014

St. Patrick Day Catch Up & Game Time

Another day, another holiday come and gone in the the blink of an eye! At least it seems like that sometimes, especially when I play catch up. 

So who was out celebrating St. Patrick's Day this past weekend? and who is still feeling the after effects days later?
Come on do tell, don't be shy. We are amongst friends...

Interesting picture below wouldn't you say? Well, we will get back to this young lady and her unique fashion statement momentarily.


In which ever manner you chose to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, I do hope it was enjoyable. Not sure exactly why, but all the following images seemed St. Patrick's Day inspired to me. I hope they serve as a little motivation to help you share. 

Gentlemen -

Were you out patrolling the celebrations by saving young ladies from their loose shoe straps? Chivalry may be rare, but it is not dead. Therefore chivalry should be rewarded. A glimpse of thigh-highs and green panties - always a nice reward. She is obviously in a festive spirit and I am sure he was put in the mood quickly.
The question is, was it an intentional relaxing of modesty on the part of this Irish Princess or a calibrated intentional gesture to sneak a peek on his?

Ladies & Gentleman - 
Perhaps, you were in a melancholic mood such as myself? 
Taking time to enjoy the outdoors and taking that special someone in your arms. Slow dancing to the music in your head. Slow dancing outdoors. A sudden quicken pace. Swinging and twirling with a flirtatious secondary affect of long legs and a glimpse of lucky emerald. I wouldn't have guessed about the thigh-highs under her skirt. 
Honestly, sometimes I'd be happy with more simple moments like these.

Ladies -
Was your celebration set to a more heart pulsing tone?
Ordered to undress immediately upon his arrival. You thought the green dress would save you. Those sheer yellow panties actually betrayed you. As much as I am certain the material was a favorite; the color was still not green. One thing is for certain, the color of your bottom was soon turned red – the perfect complimentary color to green.
Love this picture on so many levels.


Back to our original young lady -
As you know, I am fascinated by the female creature and all her natural beauty, but am constantly confused by her actions and reactions still to this day. With that as a preset here is a game for you which we haven't played in quite some time.

A little game I like to call: What the Hell is Going on?!
This is how it works: I present you a picture, I ask the question ("What the hell is going on?!) and you offer your idea.

Easy, right?

So let's get started.

What do you think is going on here? How did she end up with her panties on the outside? They are festive, you have to at least give her that. I have my ideas, but I want to hear yours!

So send your ideas of
What the Hell is Going on?!
I'll be waiting.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

I would chat her up and that went well ask her she wanted to be spanked over her panties. Then we would see where it might go from there.

Enzo said...

Bogey, thanks for stopping by and commenting!

The question begs a clarification; spanked over her festive panties on display outside or the panties she might be wearing underneath her shorts! :)