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Holiday Shopping Lessons: Part III

Well ladies and gentlemen welcome to the end of another long week. Your reward for your hard work is another distraction. 

For those of you who enjoyed Holiday Shopping Lessons: Part I and II, I have left you waiting far too long. You may want to reread Part I and Part II in order to refresh your memory about what has been happening with our hero and heroine. For those who haven't read the previous parts, I highly reccomend starting at Part I. For those  who didn't enjoy the previous installments, feel free to skip this post.

And now a continuation of our shopping themed story. 

She couldn't believe what she was seeing! She was caught in a trance wanting to look away, but try as she might she simply was unable to. It was simply too exciting. Unfortunately, her curiosity had now gotten the best of her and it seemed as if she may pay the price for it. 

She should have left as soon as she could have after the stranger had barged into her dressing room. Why she hadn't, she would never quite be sure of. 

She would later question herself about the circumstances and replay the scenes in her head over and over. Why didn't she scream as much as her lungs would allow as soon as he broke into her dressing room? Why didn't she yell at him to get out instead of just standing there while he checked her out completely?  

Some guy had seen her essentially naked in nothing more than just her panties. These tiny panties! Yes this faded pair (she knew she shouldn't had put off doing laundry yet again), rather than some of her nice sexy panties! An attractive guy no less. That was truly embarrassing. Was that it? Was it that simple? Had the stranger not been an attractive guy would she had reacted differently? 

After he had made that teasingly rude comment, he simply walked away; as she herself should have. She had been taken aback at the comment for a moment, but in retrospect not as offended as she thought she should have been.

Instead of darting for the exit, she scampered to her dressing room door and stopped. Gripping the door with both hands, she cautiously peeked her head over the side. Her eyes followed the stranger into the dressing room diagonally across from her. 

At first she thought it was a marital argument that might end with a call to 911. Instead it turned into a truly unbelievable scene; her eyes growing wide as globes and her mouth frozen open in awe. 

She was riveted and stood there balancing on the side of the door peeking and retreating constantly as she witnessed every exciting detail. Was this really happening? Was anyone else witnessing this? How humiliating she thought; yet so hot. She was a mixture of emotions as she stared, not wanting to look away. Now transfixed, with every spank she closed her eyes and softly rubbed her own bottom in sympathy.

She couldn't believe it. It was unreal. 


Things were actually getting hotter! He had gone from spanking her to…wow! He was fingering his girlfriend; right there, in a dressing room, with the door wide open. She could see his thick fingers sinking into her. She could see his girlfriend's bare breasts swaying with every firm finger thrust. From what she could see of the girl's face, hidden behind disheveled hair, she was definitely enjoying it (way more than the previous spanking). 

Her friends would never believe it when she'd tell them the story.



She unnecessarily tiptoed her bare feet across the carpeted floor in search of her cell phone. Despite the loud dance music thumping throughout the store, she made every effort to not make a sound. Returning to the door she fumbled attempting to find the right angle to position her phonecam. She was anxious to snap an epic pic without opening the door completely, opening it just enough. Suddenly her bare feet slipped and she lost her grip on the swinging door.


An unexpected small voice squeaked out, followed by a thump and crash of hangers. He looked up from the dressing room bench and realized that they had been entertaining an audience of one!

She met his eyes as she momentarily recovered from the unexpected clumsy fall. And then like a baby giraffe, retrieving her outstretched arms and long legs, she pushed herself up off the floor on bare-feet only to fall back down hard on her butt. 

The fall left her dress unintentionally hitched up above her waist. Her long lean legs outstretched, all once more showcasing her small, extremely tight, cotton triangle. He would have recognized her instantly even without the glimpse of her faded pink knickers. Hello Kitty. 

His bride anxiously attempted to push herself off his lap to get a view of what may have caused the sounds.

"Oh my gawd! Is someone coming!" from behind a tangle of hair, the errant bride screamed in nervous disbelief. 

"Hush! No one is coming…not yet."
He forcibly pushed her back down by the back of her head, focusing his attention on the eyewitness across the narrow hallway.

"Enjoying the show, are you?" he asked in a nonchalant, yet authoritarian tone.

Having been called out, the casual eyewitness instantly retreated; scooting herself back along the sisal carpet. She immediately let out a squeal upon realization that she had just given her ass a harsh rug burn by pushing back so quickly.

He laughed silently amused by her clumsiness. Her clumsiness which had allowed him a prime view of the now unwedged, small cloth between her tanned thighs.

"Well young lady, this isn't some public sex checklist item from your Cosmo. This is a case of much needed domestic discipline. Now pay attention to what a punishment looks like."

"What?! What are…Hon, no!" the bride rambled, confused by his comments, thinking he was addressing her.

"Shhussh! Enough" he ordered, now refocused on his bride as he straightened his posture and prepped himself. 

"No, I've had enough.….Someone might be… Let go. We gotta go!""

He slapped his palm squarely across both her cheeks, quieting her instantly.

"Quiet! Stay still, you are about to truly learn your lesson for being selfish and irresponsible" he warned her as his energy renewed thanks to the newfound audience. He pushed his bride forward, but scissored her legs in his as he used both his hands to undo his belt.

He pulled the belt through all the loopholes in a singular gesture. Folding it in half, he snapped the leather loudly while keeping eye contact with, and seemingly showing off for, the lone spectator.


She heard his belt escaping the belt-loops like a snake darting for its captured prey.

"Oh crap! Noooo!"  she pleaded in utter-shock realizing what was coming next. She mistakenly clenched her cheeks and tensed her legs in frightened preparation.

The belt cracked and then struck her ample bottom with a loud snap and a painful solid sting. Then another and another. 

"One is for irresponsibility; not having you phone on." He counted out explaining the reasons.

"Two is for selfishness."

Each time the belt landed, it clapped and echoed onto her already well spanked cheeks. She felt the heat rise throughout her body with every impact. 

"Owwww….Ohhhhh" she purred in pained expression.

"Three is for lying about where you were" he continued as the belt swooshed through the air.

She immediately recognized that not only were these spanks harder than anything she had ever received; these spanks were full of pent up frustration. She felt her bottom grow into a singular throbbing pain. He was intentionally spreading the pain, as the belt landed on her, from the tops of her big mounds to her sit spot. The belt was a quick and unforgiving teacher and she was solely grateful that she had never met it sooner.


He was definitely enjoying punishing his bride in front of someone else. In front of another girl making it all the sweeter; even if his young bride was unaware of her entire humbling situation. He stared into the lone spectator's eyes and tried to read them. She seemed to be enjoying the show. He gave Hello Kitty a smirk and she unexpectedly (to both of them) returned a soft approving smile. He felt himself now fully in need of release as his pants tightened to capacity.

He pumped his chest out and prepped for another stroke swinging the belt high, when he heard his bride whimpering.

"I a…aaa…am. I..I..ddd......" she mumbled to the floor between sobs. 

"You are what? A spoiled brat? An ungrateful little brat?"

He looked into the walled mirror and saw her mascara begin to run down her cheeks as her face swelled as she burst into tears. It had only been three strokes of the belt, but on top of the previous spankings, she was spent. 

He pulled her up by her hair, guiding her onto her knees in front of him.

"I a…aaa…am sorry " she mumbled to the floor between sobs. 

He put his finger under her chin and pushed her face up to meet his. Looking into her now raccoon-like tearing eyes he acknowledged her. 

"Seems like you are finally understanding how you brought this upon yourself."

Between sobs, she nodded in a singular shivering response. He fought the temptation to have her prove what a good girl she could be. The temptation was about to burst through his pants. 

Instead, he stood up and pulled her naked body into his arms. He hugged her tightly and kissed the top of her head. She pushed into him and felt every firm muscle, tiptoeing to get closer to him; yearning to disappear into his embrace. He stroked her tousled hair and whispered softly into her ear.

Pulling his bride tightly, he ran his hand gently along her aching bottom cheeks. Tender from the belting, she instinctually squirmed at the touch. Not expecting and therefore annoyed by her reaction, he responded by squeezing her swollen cheeks tightly instead. She shook her bottom free from his grip. Shaking his head, he let his middle finger wander down further. 

His finger finding and dipping into her still moist spot. She wanted to leave this public place, but also wanted his fingers pleasuring her just like before...just like before the belt. She wanted to go, but she didn't want him to release her. She didn't want him to remove his hand. Expecting him to return his previous stimulation she leaned forward, further and tighter into him. Her hands grabbed onto his back tightly. 

His wet finger backtracked up the valley of her cheeks, spreading them slowly. Then to her surprise, he shoved his thick middle finger into her now exposed bottom hole. She squirmed and pouted as he pushed in as far as it would go. Keeping his thick finger in place for a moment, plugging her entirely, he breathed contently. 

She dug her manicured nails deep into his back, in an effort to keep still as he began a very thorough probing of her ever tight hole. 

"Owwww! Oww...Oh my gawd…owwww!" she resisted.

"I should take you right now" he whispered as he pumped into her.

She let out a small gasp knowing at this point he was very capable of following through with the threat. She felt herself flush with a blend of panic and excitement as she pushed against his finger.

He looked over to his audience-of-one. Hello Kitty was now sitting up on her knees, with a look of shock painted by her open mouth, seemingly mesmerized by the scene. She was speechless; one hand to her mouth, her other hand franticly maneuvering under the hem of her short dress. She blushed when she saw him looking back at her. He did a double-take and assumed she was fully enjoying the show. 

Never breaking eye contact with his audience, he pulled his finger out of his bride's ripe bottom with the same force as he had pushed in. The sudden movement left his bride seemingly gasping for air, and shuffling her bare feet in shock.

He looked over at her full shopping bags of recent clothing purchases. Annoyed by the clear reminder of her wastefulness, he raised his hand high once more and delivered a singular firm spank, leaving her tender cheeks still quivering for moments later. Her hands instantly released him as she rushed to soothe her well disciplined bottom.

"Get dressed. We'll finish this at home."

Between a now tangled mess of hair, tears and makeup; she looked at him in utter disbelief, "FINISH?!"


To be continued...

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