Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Girls Night Out Guidelines

I don't believe in an abundance of trivial rules for young ladies. In order for a relationship like ours to work, the goal is not to punish, but rather guide via occasional firm reminders.


Unlike some guys, I've never had a problem with Girls Night Out. 
Go. Enjoy. Have Fun!

I do believe in one rule that should be followed without exception =
• Don't Drink and Drive! No Exceptions!

Apart from that, the guidelines I set are easy:

• I expect you to let loose, but please use common sense.
• Don't get yourself into something you can't get out of. 
• Again, simply, easy on the partying.

I enjoy a drunk girl as much as the next guy, but keep in mind this; 
the next guy may not be the gentleman I am.

However, certain results of a night out, I will have immediate issue with:

+ A cracked iPhone due to drunken clumsiness.
+ Misplaced house-keys; causing you to make a ruckus at 3:00 am.
+ A revealing picture on Facebook & Instagram tagged before you even made it home!

Any one of these alone would have 
guaranteed that she would sleep warm last Saturday night. 

All three left her with a throbbing reminder well into next weekend.

(Perhaps, I should upload this photo as reminder to her and her friends!

Please, share your thoughts; it only takes a second.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

In a way, I am glad my wife is past the age where such behavior is common. She does not have an iPhone, her's is barely intelligent. She has no idea how to take a picture with it or upload pictures. She is funny sober and a hoot when tipsy.

Michael said...

I totally agree with your guidelines, Enzo, especially the No Drinking and Driving. Season has the occasional Girls Night Out and I encourage that especially since she is responsible while having a fun time.

Enzo said...

@Bogey - Like I say, who doesn't enjoy a drunk girl. Much more relaxed and much more fun. Thanks again for stopping by.

@Michael - We are on the same page with the no harm in a Girls Nigh Out (except for examples like these). Some guys just have real issue with it in theory. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Curious to know if any of my female readers voted in the poll.

Olive Oil said...

New reader..female and I voted...I voted HOT!! ;)

Enzo said...

@Olive Oil - Welcome!
Thanks for voting and for sharing.
Glad you liked it!

River Wild said...

Just curious if this is a real life photo and event? Btw, I totally think she deserves it!

Enzo said...

@River - Glad you agree that she totally deserved it.

In order to protect the innocent (if there are any), I will simply state that yes,
- the series of unfortunate events was real
- the photos are real.

But, I am curious as to which way your mind was leaning?