Thursday, August 17, 2017

Intermission: Thursday Check In

It has been an especially busy couple of weeks personally and professionally and on top of that my wifi at my home has been down. (I could post from the office, but I’d rather not).

Personal life has been layered with multiple responsibilities. From the ongoing day to day, to dealing with the issues of aging parents, all the way to starting anew in the relationship department. I may talk about these things later perhaps or probably not, but definitely not on this post.

On top of all that, the ever unfortunate steady stream of bad national news has made me rethink that this blog and my posts are trivial.

As you all know there is so much going on across the US at the moment that has taken my attention and added to my neglect of this blog. I won’t go off on my political opinions for I am fairly certain no one appreciates coming to theses spanking blogs and finding political commentary as has been demonstrated by other blogs.

What I will comment on regarding the political social climate is via what I had always believed in and what my ol’ elder friend Bud reinforced for me multiple times. I am sure I have mentioned him on this blog before.

Bud was sent to some tough places and multiple fronts during WWII thanks to chance and his rare “good fortune” as he would say. His stories were always honest, not embellished nor glorified.
His orders including being sent to Germany. He wasn’t part of the actual liberation forces in Germany, but the immediate post cleanup. 

Bud was one of the strongest men I have ever known on so many levels (When they refer to “the greatest generation”, he was proof). Yet, when he would speak of things he saw and things he had to clean up, he would almost break. I’ll spare you all the details, but he reminded me often of what he fought for, of what we thought we fought for. We should always fight for that which is simply, undeniably right. No, America has never been perfect, but it has been a work in progress; ever attempting to reach a moral ideal. And those ideals are what we should continue to fight for.




I’ll leave you with some eye candy. For that is why you come here, is it not?
Perhaps this blog and these posts are what the soul needs at times; a simple distraction - and in that it serves a purpose - ?