Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Random Math

The difference between the way She and He see it.

Mani-Pedi + Massage
+ New Shoes + New Dress + New Accessories + Pre-date Drinks with the Girls =
Budget for the next 3 months blown in 1 day

 / A flash of panties (the sheer humble panties he wanted you to wear)
The look on his face when you use your 'Get out of Jail Free' card = Priceless

Spending spree + Night out + Feeling hot + No lecture + No spanking = Home free.



Mani-Pedi + Massage + New Shoes + New Dress =
Budget blown for the next 2 months blown in 1 day ?

Bonus positive points:   
+ 1 for a flash of panties
+ 2 for the sheer humble panties she originally objected to wearing

/ The
look on her face
when she realizes that she is still getting a firm,
cheek reverberating, bottom stinging spanking
= Priceless

Night out + Your Girl looking extra hot +
Thorough spanking +
Followed up by a firm backdoor pounding =
Perfect night!