Friday, November 7, 2014

Big Trouble

I don't often get angry, but when I do...

"Let's get this clear; 
the first and only thing I want to see when I get home and 
open the front door 
is that pale ass of yours greeting me! 

Is that clear, young lady?

The closest your panties need to be to covering your ass
is on the floor 
warming your ankles. 

And I hope you wore the right panties that I left out for you this morning too. 
If not, you're going to get extra for that. 
We're going to do a sniff test so don't try to sneak on the right pair now
if you don't have the right ones already!

It is time your ass starts cashing some long overdue checks.

It's bad enough you did such a stupid thing to begin with... 
But trying to hide it from me...really? 

As soon as I get home I'm going to teach you a lesson,
one you won't soon forget...

...and just to be 100% crystal clear young lady -
You better be bent over, looking away
with that big ass of yours standing at full attention!

When I open the front door 
your naked, pale ass-crack better be
smiling back at me!"


Wonder what she could have done that was so bad?
Well, I would love to hear your guesses.

Hope you have a good weekend;
someone I know won't be sitting comfortable for days to come.


Autumn said...

Of course we want to hear more about the punishment! guess is that she broke off a door handle and glued it back on. Hahaha, I say this because my front door handle broke off several weeks ago, and it's been precariously balanced in its spot ever since.

Enzo said...

LOL Nope no broken and glued-back door handle here. It was a lot more serious than that; although your glued-back door handle is definitely worthy of a good smack to your bottom for starters. ;)

Kristin said...

Did she contact someone over the Internet she should not have?

Enzo said...

HI Kristin -
Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Not sure if you are a regular visitor or not.

Nope, had nothing to do with the internet. It was about doing something dangerous and then trying to cover it up.

Maybe I'll post the full details soon if there is enough interest.