Friday, March 14, 2014

Questions and Riddles?

Have you ever been curious about the author of this inquisitive blog you are currently reading. Curious about this Man whose many underlying goals include attempting to better understand the female species.

It appears as if many blogs are involved in this open-ended Ask Me Anything Month event. Not sure where this originated, but I have seen quite a few blogs participating. If you do know where and or whom originated this concept, please share as I do believe in giving credit where credit is due. I decided to participate unofficially. 

"Unofficially" since I did not fill out the necessary paperwork and submit it to the powers that be. In my defense I was unaware of where to find said application.

However, to change it up a bit, I thought it might be more interesting if you ask me a question, and I ask you one back. A question for a question.

Sound fair? Yes.


Well then just ask a question anyways.
See I can be easy.

I will answer your questions as long as they are related to – well almost anything, really. Except for obviously not sharing my personal information (I will not give you my checking account number, pin, passwords or key to the punishment box), so apart from that, ask away.

Go ahead, give me your best shot!
Fire away! 

I won't promise not to move out of the way however.
I also reserve the right to plead the Fifth as I see fit; or as it is best summoned up; ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies. 

My question to you all:
Riddle Me This –

What is the beginning of eternity, 
the end of time and space, 
the beginning of every end and 
the end of every race?  

Stumped already?
Actually that was my bonus question.
Answer that and you may get a prize.

My Actual Question for a Trade is:
   - Favorite post on this blog? 
   - Favorite story scene or post topic that brings you back to this blog?

Oh and a final warning to any young ladies contemplating cheeky, 
bratty and otherwise smart-ass questions,
- I will shoot back!


Autumn said...

I know the answer to the riddle! My question is: Do you have a partner who also shares your enthusiasm for spanking?

And the answer to your question is simple--the fact that your blog covers spanking topics keeps me coming back.

Enzo said...

Thanks for stopping by and playing along! Appreciate it.

You sound very confident about knowing the answer to the riddle, did you cheat young lady?

Perhaps, I will hold out on answering your question just a bit longer.

From the sounds of it, seems like you have visited more than once; hope you like what you read and keep coming back!

Enzo said...

Ok Autumn, since you are the only one who commented/asked a question, you deserve an answer.

"Do you have a partner who also shares your enthusiasm for spanking?"
The brief answer is, I wouldn't say she's enthusiastic about it. There are punishment spankings and funishment spankings; given a choice she would prefer the latter.

So what is the answer to the riddle?
Prove you didn't cheat and get a prize.