Sunday, June 19, 2016

Pleasant Sunday Morning Conversation

Overheard: A pleasant Sunday morning conversation amongst friends.   

"Oh no! Seriously?! I would have died of embarrassment!"

"Yeah, I can't believe my luck sometimes!
I was embarrassed enough already and
then when I heard my name,
I peed myself."


"Yes, haven't you ever?"

"Yeah. No. I have. But no, not what I meant;
I meant was what did you do when you saw the guy from work?"

"Well I just tried to cover up and run into Starbucks,
but I'm pretty sure he, and everyone else, got a great view
'cause they were sheer anyways..."

"So what happened when you got home."

"Well, he was home before I was,
which was weird because he always works late,
so I knew something was up.
Turns out all his buddies at work were teasing him about supposedly seeing my ass.
I guess they are all jealous of him having a hot girlfriend,
but he's mad at me?"

"So what did he do or say?"

"Well like I said, he thinks I need to be spanked if I am being irresponsible, so right then and there he flips me over his knee and yanks my dress up and begins spanking me."

"And you let him?"

"Well, I deserved it sort of. Don't you think?
Especially after he warned me about the wind."

"I guess -?"

"Well he was really upset. Telling me that I should know better.
That all
the guys are giving him a hard time at work,
saying they really loved the sheer material..."

"No doubt, I can imagine."

"Well, I can't seem to explain myself because,
well because he's spanking me good and;

and then he rips off my panties,  
and really gets going.

He finally finishes and tells me to go clean my face up.
I get up to go and tell him it's really his fault
because he is the one who likes me to dress up.

So that really ticks him off as I try to explain my logic.
Well, I told him he can't have it both ways, either I dress up nice or not.

He tells me I should have listened to him or DID I want to show off my ass?
So of course, I give him the smart-ass answer of 'Maybe I did' and 'What of it?
Maybe I wanted the guys at his work to see my ass'.

That's when he pushes me over the counter, pulls my dress up again,
slaps my already tender ass some more.
I mean a lot more. 
My ass is on fire at this point.
He gets so worked up that he stops;
kicks my legs apart,
spreads my cheeks, undoes his pants
and pounds me good.

I mean really good!
Like he's really frustrated.
Its a really long time before he's done.
My pussy is so sore by the time he finally explodes inside me I'm practically in tears.

I tell him I'll be walking funny for days after that,
as a joke and that's when...

That's when he grabs my cheek really rough
and tells me
that this spanking was nothing.
Next time I do something like this again that
he's going to take me up the ass
and really teach me a lesson.

And then; then, he sent me to bed.
"He sent you to bed?
Really?! Like a..."

"Yes. And I loved that he did that!
He didn't come up until hours later,
but I snuggled my warm ass against him as soon as he got in bed."

"He tells me 'I love you' before we fall asleep.

I whisper 'I'm sorry'.

 'Shhh... Just go to sleep'. 

'I'll make it up to you in the morning', I promise him.

'Yes, yes you will', he tells me as I feel him hard against my bare ass."


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Njspank said...

This is also very hot. Love the story and relationship.

Enzo said...

Hi Ron, Glad you liked it.
And thanks for commenting it is always good to hear that readers enjoy my efforts.


Njspank said...


This is one of my re reads I love this story

Enzo said...

Thanks again Ron,
Let me know if there is a particular stand-out part you enjoy or all of it in general.